Virtue Hoarders (The Professional Managerial Class)

This book basically backs up what I’m saying. The PMC “hoards virtue” and believes it to be deserving of favored economic status due to merit – but the truth is that under our financially driven capitalism, it isn’t really merit that gets people ahead but connections. It’s actually a factory worker who gets ahead by merit.

They go to the extreme of reverse racism just to prove they aren’t racist. All this talk about white privilege is just the PMC hoarding virtue.

Lancaster Pa Pool Incident

Manheim Township agrees to settle pool discrimination lawsuit for $43K; fired manager's lawsuit continues

Knowing how I see chess pieces move, this is what probably happened.

Manheim Township probably had a policy about what people could wear at the pool.   Narkiewicz followed the policy.  The mother complained that Narkiewicz was being racist, but in actuality, Narkiewicz was consistent with the policy.   Then social media blew up whining about woke this, woke that.   White privilege, systemic racism.  Then Manheim Township fired her to absolve themselves from being labeled racist, to her financial damage both immediate and long term finding the next job.

Of course I could be wrong.   She could have panicked and not handled the situation right.  But I would bet that I’m right.  That’s how employers scapegoat White employees while society keeps hammering on about systemic racism.

They probably had a log of every mistake she had made in the past waiting to use as a coverup should something like this happen.  But the real truth is they threw her under the bus.

That’s why I dislike people who talk systemic racism as if it pervades everywhere, because there’s also systemic reverse racism.  Bottom line here, the same people who support the policy she enforced fired her when the publicity went bad.

Employers have been known to fire employees due to an overestimated impact of social media. They think a social media storm will translate to lost customers, but the thing is it’s a small number of people who are hyper active online. Plus, if they wanted to satisfy the mob, they should have taken responsibility for the policy they created of calling the police. Which no one likes a rat, but the policy is the policy.

The Problem

According to our economic mission statements, a business that profits more still wants to pay less. The goal statement is to maximize profits of shareholders. It’s not to increase profits but maximize profits. Maximize means lowering wages.

The problem is our system failed and our elites are debating the best way to cover it up. Do you blame it on racism or do you suggest eventually everything will trickle down from the top to the bottom?

The reason we’re having a “great resignation” is that people are figuring out that trickle down economics don’t work. You’re loyal to employers who only want to lower your wages and fire you as soon as it’s convenient. Might as well quit instead of get fired, drive cars that are registered to dead people and not buy houses.

The problem is that America has created an economy where there’s nothing in it for anyone except the people who own the businesses. The people who set the economic policies never asked the question “what is in this for the average person? what do they get out of it?”

They’re trying to cover it up like it’s a white supremacist power structure to distract people from the fact that our system doesn’t work and won’t work even if it racially realigns. Democrats basically think they can blackwash the problem away while Republicans openly defend things as they are.

The job market improved in the 1980s only because policy doesn’t have an immediate effect. It takes a while to erode the middle class.

Believing that policy works immediately is what leads some people to wrongly conclude that trickle down economics worked.

Plausible Deniability

Our current economy allows for far more favoritism than the manufacturing economy of the past. Basically there are situations where everyone knows one guy sucks and another guy is competent but it can’t be proven even though everyone knows it. They still go with the favored guy.

It’s created a plausible deniability that allows mediocre people to use nepotism to gain power and to cast the people who are actually doing a good job in a bad light. This could lead to major problems down the road.

Monopolization and Speech

America is using its transition from Industrial capitalism to servicing and finance capitalism as a way to shut down speech. Basically you don’t get put in jail, instead you lose your job. You can’t really argue back “but my performance was better, I packed more packages than the other guy” because these jobs have no clear metrics to them. It’s the perfect situation to shut down free speech while giving the illusion of it. The monopolies get together and pull this stuff through their HR departments. “Monopolization is a Law of Capitalism.” The main way to grow in capitalism is into a competitor’s market, so they’re only so many spots for big businesses unless you use a differentiation / blue ocean strategy. That’s why monopolies are created and right now they’re a tool to shut down speech.

Biblical Inerrancy Is Not Possible

The honest truth is that the scientific discoveries we have made since the bible was written make it impossible to view the bible as the literal word for word creation of god. It is at best something that was inspired by god, but then written through the eyes of humans.
The age of the earth, the spherical shape of the earth, the fact that the earth moves around the sun, the inability to have perfect translation between different languages. The obviously tribal motivations of Judaism (our god can beat up your god).
I feel it’s not possible for any intellectually honest person to hold the position that the bible is the literal word of god.
The other thing is that studying genetic material shows there is something called “junk dna.” Much of DNA doesn’t really do anything that’s important. A creator would have no motive to create junk dna any more than a computer programmer would leave unreadable machine code in a computer program. That points to the theory of evolution – of trial and error.

If the bible was written by god, it would have been ahead of the science that existed at the time, not parallel with it.

When people wrote religious texts, they would argue that they were witness to the fact that god was behind certain scientific facts. But we now know that science was incorrect. So we now know the writers of these texts were creating a bridge to something that doesn’t exist. Which means the only god they were talking to was the voices in their own heads. (Unless you believe god told them to write the wrong stuff on purpose).

Social Hierarchies

At first that the substance of various extreme ideologies is the cause for the backlash against them, but in actuality, the real cause is the low social status of the people who push the ideologies. It takes a lot of thought to realize that such hierarchies actually exist but when you realize the people on the top don’t want people on the bottom organizing in ways that actually could change things (black lives matter won’t actually change anything black lives already legally matter since 1965).

This is why Trump can say “Grab them by the pussy” but in an office job you’d get fired. it’s why rich rappers can rap about things similar to how trump talks, but then the same people who support anti-fascist activism also support the rappers.

Groups like the adl and splc have an intermediate social position where they are able to cause trouble for someone like Alex Jones but not someone like Donald Trump who has a higher social position than them. But most billionares fall right in line in agreement.


The first A I ever got in college, when I struggled at first, was in Philosophy. I was told my arguments were philosophically coherent and that I had the ability for it. I then made the deans list the next semester. After achieving that pinnacle, I became interested in internet forums. The rest of the college I was somewhere imbetween, basically finishing with a b average because at york college 82 is a b and 94 is an a so a 2.95 is probably over 80%. The two lab science classes dragged me down.
Naturally I was strong in the computer programming classes as an IFS major. I wasn’t as strong in networking, but improved over time. I was basically a B student in all the business classes except for accounting – where I just slid by. IFS is basically a business major with computer classes in programming, networking and database taught from a business perspective when compared to computer science.

Pictured: Hitler playing chess with Lenin

Socially I kind of view college like this picture. Everyone kind of came from everywhere in college. The thing is that they then splintered after that.
An interesting little known fact is that a picture was drawn showing Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin playing chess with signatures on it before Hitler was in power.
I’m not surprised that on paper that some of the people who hung with me in college don’t hang with me now when I realize how different our belief systems actually are.
I’m a little death metal and they’re a little country.

Businesses Compete on Price

Businesses compete on price. this is basic stuff. Idiotic to think that if you make the rich richer they’ll pay higher wages. Businesses still compete on price. The more you pay workers the less you profit. That doesn’t change when you have more savings. It’s the same principle.

Corporations want to compete with each other.   Once you lower certain standards on labor laws, on trade barriers, on wages, they all will race to the bottom.

People who rent out rooms, apartments and houses want to make as much money as they can.   They’ll continue to work towards that goal.

This is basic stuff that the boomers messed up, trashing labor laws, trade barriers, “big government” etc.

You need laws that allow employees to defend themselves too.

Trump and Cancel Culture

One of the most useful things Trump did was that he said things like “grab them by the pussy” and other clear violations of political correctness and still got elected.

This is useful because it showed that the whole so called cancel culture is just a scam.  The motive is to get white workers fired from their jobs and replace them with lower cost labor.

A rich person can say things that would upset the HR department in most office jobs.   They’re looking to falsify things like this just so they can move to their cheaper labor.