The Career Con

Young men need to stop being taught that the only way to support yourself is to go to college and be part of the professional managerial class.They’re many things you can do. You can live rural and grow your own food. You can start your own business. You can learn to bike instead of drive and then be able to have more latitude for what you need to earn immediately.It’s turning men into corporate slaves and feminizing them.

What’s the Point of the Music

You might ask “what’s the point of the music” there’s definitely a point to it. You might say “you’re not signed by a label, what’s the point.” There’s a point.
Because what I’m doing is sticking deep structures into the ground and walling off an environment that I’m in charge of. Even if the audience is small, an advanced creation points to an advanced creator. It’s essentially displaying what I’m capable of doing and inverting liars who try to question whether I really have the aptitude to produce and design.
Basically some condescending boss can’t take this away from me.
And the potential exists for me to run my own business around it too.