Big Assets and Skepticism

The best decision I ever made was to not invest in housing. I decided that employers can’t be trusted and multiple times I’ve been proven right. There was a point in time where I could have bought an affordable house, but I didn’t, because I could get a feel that the economic forces weren’t based on merit. That essentially I was on a wave and that the wave could turn in the other direction. And i’ve been right every time.The problem is that you have dumbasses as corporate higher ups and I know that and I distrust buying a house when things are going well because of that.

Millennials aren’t making big investments because there are dumb asses higher up in corporate management. It’s a result of cynicism and of having lived a harder life than baby boomers, who were given everything and then bankrupted it. Technology might be improved, but idiots are still idiots. Even in upper management you have idiots.

If our generation had its act together, it would be so easy to just blame the previous one (skipping over gen x). They really set the course for destroying the ability for someone to work their way into the middle class by completely and totally allowing corporations to restructure globally and not be regulated. In such a way that drives down our wages but still sticks us with expensive housing and education.

Corporate Red Tape and Information Technology

If you worked in the tech fields, you’d gain an appreciation for how messed up it is. The problem is that technical issues are solved by knowledge, not corporate hierarchies. However, corporate white collar types try to impose their politics over issues that have technical requirement. On average, the Indians brought over aren’t very resourceful or skilled. They’re just brought over and then favored. Then the older boomers make sure the experience requirements are always really high to protect their own jobs, while placing Indians. It’s essentially people sitting in an office pretending to work and taking office politics to the point of not actually properly solving problems through the technical knowledge required.

It’s Coming (Big Time Calamities)

I feel it in my 6th sense that big time calamities are coming for the united states and world in general. It’s just that our playground for the rich society has allowed the rich to isolate themselves from problems instead of really solving them. And at some point one of these problems – global warming, poverty, people who had their countries invaded – is going to come back and destroy the country.

Why Boomers are Hated

What happened in our society is that when it came time to start planning for how the next generation was going to come up, the employers instead raised the experience requirements to 15 years in technologies that only existed for 5 years (boomer logic) and gave all the entry level jobs to the third world. They then slandered and complained about our generation. When we managed to actually get jobs, they screwed that up too with their management practices. That’s why Boomers are hated. They’re still living in the era of Ronald Reagan and trickle down economics long after they failed, and then the “liberal” ones just divert the issue to questions of race and social issues.

Baby Boomer Math

Baby Boomers think they can say two plus two is five and if someone shows that it’s actually four then that person has undermined them instead of simply followed a logical process and solved the equation based on rules that aren’t subject to your opinions.

Peter Pan Syndrome or Failed Authority

The problem isn’t that millenials have peter pan syndrome, but that they realize that they were raised to respect authority and the authority is undeserving of that respect. Basically forced to go to college at gun point and then employers turned their back on an entire generation because of globalization and exploiting other countries for cheap labor. The photographing of police officers is also causing people to lose respect for authority. And it’s a pretty strong consensus outside of a few rich boys and some ultrapatriotic and naive people that we stick our nose in military places that we don’t belong. A good indicator of this is that people of our generation stopped attending church frequently – which is correlated to a cynical and distrustful view of the world. The same thing happened in Russia during communism.

My Prediction

If my predictions are right, America is totally screwed unless the government expands in a major way and creates a welfare state. Employers simply don’t need employees anymore beyond menial jobs. Boomers are standing in the way, because they live in their time not the current time.

It’s kind of like the drug cartels in Mexico. Some people may have had a good run because they were useful to the cartels. It’s that boomers are too bone headed to get this, that the cartels would just as quickly murder everyone. The only difference is it’s bankrupting people instead of murder. Their political influence keeps entrenching these forces.

Boomers do not understand that it wasn’t hard work that got them a steady career, but luck. The wave came, they road it. They didn’t create the doorways that were opened for them. Those doors would shut right in their faces if they were born later.

“This Website” (Facebook critics)

People who were big in the myspace era take shots at facebook. I don’t like to name names, but there was a guy in a metalcore band from lancaster he probably was big on myspace. He calls it “this website” disparagingly. But because of his fame he’s got a big fb account.

Except for situations like this, the people who traffic in fb get it by acting like their life is perfect. The people who don’t either don’t get traffic or they drop off.

Look at who I used to like. People like KW, Jason H. Chris Y, Alex S from Lancaster Catholic. A guy named John Thomas from YCP. They either don’t have accounts or have tiny ones, which I unfriended because I thought the FBI was reading my account way back in the day.

The places I was best known was free speech forums that started before facebook. And on those forums, they don’t protect people. Al Qaeda members, national socialists, hardcore communists, all sorts of people could be there. It’s sink or swim. It’s all about the brutal. It’s all about the truth. I also had a decent linkedin account before it was shut down.

The Boomer Corporate Pipeline

My ultimate position is that nothing will improve in America until boomers are totally removed from policy making decisions. They committed the poor policy decisions and now they’re committing the cover up. America keeps going back between Democrats and Republicans, but keeps leaving Boomers in power with the notable exception of Biden who is too old to be a boomer. I’m sick of reaching middle age and still having to deal with their policies.

There wasn’t such a direct pipeline from corporate power to political power before the Boomers. Jimmy Carter for example got elected with little corporate support. Companies will continue to discard and abuse their employees and the GDP and Nasdaq will be used to tell us the economy is good. We’ll still intervene unnecessarily overseas. We’ll continue to support “free trade” instead of adjusting taxation to the cost of living which is low in third world countries. We’ll continue to have Democrats try to play racial identity politics while leaving the system in place and Republicans play anti identity politics while leaving the system in place.