Process, Policies and Ego

The truth is that processes and policies don’t make a good programmer. Red tape terms like waterfall and agile don’t make a good programmer. A good programmer comes to you, you don’t make a good programmer.

I think this hurts the egos of some people. The fact that the “coach” can only guide, he can’t essentially program the programmer and therefore has to step down off the block he stands on and give credit to someone else.  This is especially true with the older baby boomer generation, which is known for being selfish.

An Analogy to Music

What’s happening to music today, with the decline of the more musically skilled musician and rise of the boy band / girl band / pop stuff, is also happening in other forms of work. The technically skilled person is being moved out of the way for the person who brown noses.

Life isn’t fair, but people think it is

If you asked the average person “Is life fair” they would likely concede “no.” But I feel that many people don’t deeply in their bones realize that life isn’t fair and sort of just say the slogan.

Especially people who have just graduated from college, who have had a gravy train baby boomer career with no injustices done to them or no real road blocks or who are conceited.

You have to be willing to fight against a world that isn’t on your side. That’s the harsh reality. You can’t expect people to be in your corner and you have to expect that people will do things to hold you down.

I keep Politics Out of the Office

There’s no evidence that I use my employers as a platform to advance my politics. It’s a complete lie. And a form of reverse political discrimination, where I’m the one keeping my politics out of the office and others are the ones who can’t keep it out.

This is just calling a spade a spade. I’ve done nothing but shown up to the office to work and if you asked THE RIGHT people that would be verified.

U.S. Tech Workers

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Join this cause if you believe employers are reverse discriminating against whites (and other Americans) in tech.

This is concerted activity and it puts me in a protected category. Be aware that it as illegal to fire me for this as it is to fire me for being a different religion or a different race. Be aware that nation wide, concerted labor activity is protected. Political activity is protected in California and New York.