You Have to Break Away

I’m not someone who is prejudiced against people who didn’t go to college. But, if you didn’t ever break away from your elementary and middle school, whether it’s going to a private school, whether it’s joining the military and not being an obnoxious flag waver who talks pro-bush politics, whether it’s moving out of town, or building an online community or somehow breaking away – I just found that these people who live in the past are bad friends.

It’s like they never got over 8th grade.

Expectations and Introversion

My expectations for humanity are just so low, that nothing can really deeply offend me because I’ve seen everything. But as a double edged sword, I’m also quite willing to drop out of social groups or terminate relationships because my default state is introversion and I’m skeptical of others.

Indirectness and Directness

I’m going to give a lesson on being indirect and circular. It rarely works. I was mad at the employment situation and I also think corporations control the government. So i further escalated the discussion about politics. But, except in NY and CA, your political views aren’t protected. So your employer can use that to oust you. You think it’s playing it safe but it isn’t.

If I instead had been more direct with my grievances, various laws against retaliation would have protected me. So being indirect and circular didn’t help it hurt. It rarely works. I think some people are being circular with me. And just like it didn’t work between me and my employers, you maybe should learn from me.

A Comment on My Tech Skills

I was widely recognized as being above average at what I did. I know someone who worked at Booz Allen – where Snowden did – and now works at Microsoft. he said I knew more out of college than his coworkers knew who were in it for years. I also outclassed various people when we were involved with Indian vendors. It’s a joke to even pretend that my skills are not above average.

I have no interest in working for big tech or Indian Vendors.

Intend to Leave County; Will NOT Quit Job in Advance

This is what I’m going to be clear about. Until I can leave the county and have another job lined up, I will continue to do a good job at my current job and I do believe I am doing a good job.I need to indicate this strongly, because if legal moves are attempted against me in the context of a termination, this post is a defense. And many people do say I am doing a good job. Just ask the workers.

B2B Arrogance vs. B2C

This is what I realized as soon as I woke up. Business to business businesses, that don’t deal directly with customers, are often very arrogant in how they treat their employees. They don’t fear bad press, so they kind of think they’re invincible.

In other jobs, there are still people who undermine me and try to make me look bad. But the difference is that upper management actually investigates and doesn’t shoot first and ask questions later. They watch tape, that sort of thing. And then they see I’m doing a fine job. As I always was, especially in tech, but never got the credit.

The Great Grift

If you can’t stand up to people in the private sector – if you just take it every time you’re wrongfully terminated or underpaid – then all your anti-government activism is a grift. Guess what libertarians – you’re fighting for something we already have – cowboy monopoly capitalism.

A Statement on Big Tech

Years of bashing white people who have high tech skills as “nerds” has culminated in actual workplace discrimination against them. I will unapologetically support people like Snowden when they undermine the mainstream tech world. If a new platform is invented that goes against twitter or facebook or grows bigger, I will give it critical support before it’s popular.