I’m not just a Programmer. I’m also an Analyst

I’m not just a programmer, I”m also an analyst and this is not a business website.   It’s a personal website and I just happen to be discussing business.

In the days of canned software, it’s not wise to pursue a career where you’re only coding and not also analyzing and interpreting the data.

In small companies programmers tend to also be analysts.    I am confident that my analytical skills can continue to be useful to businesses even if I do not write code.

I’m in the Remote Job Career Search Now

(edit: I’m also searching on site in Philadelphia)

I have to give credit to a nameless person for recommending I get back on indeed. It’s highly improved and now they send companies to you instead of having to search. I’m confident that over time we can find a good match for a remote job. Getting the right match is important and I explain my strengths and weaknesses. I also would like to recommend the A to Z database, which can be used for free in libraries. You can use that to look up executives and companies by SIC / NAICS code. Finally Fiverr was recommended to me and I signed up, but have not created a strong presence there.
I’m planning to relaunch my career as a remote worker. I think the physical jobs I do prove that I am dependable. The social media use may appear controversial, but it proves I operate computers well and write well. The previous computer programming I used to do in the office proves I have the potential to program.