Who I want to work With

I want to work either with or for someone who is anti-establishment and knows what it’s like to be screwed. I don’t want to work with people who have just road a gravy train their whole life with no struggle. Someone who gets that asking people why they aren’t making this much money, why this or that job ended involuntarily, why this or that didn’t work, is a lot like asking a professional wrestler why he lost yesterday. (answer, it was scripted).

Recruiters and Music (an analogy)

I thought of a great an analogy about recruiters. You can say that Taylor Swift has x years of experience as a musician. Then you have some person who can produce his own music, play wild advanced guitar solos with hammer ons, pulls offs, bends, slides. Sing and scream while doing it.

But Taylor Swift still has more experience.

It’s the same thing in programming. A lot of programmers with experience are bad programmers. I’ve had to work with many and I’ve been sidelined by them, over office politics, when I kindly tolerated their low performance.

I just think recruiters need to be knocked down a peg. They tend to not respect talented people who don’t have a lucky career path.

Trigger Happy Attacks

There are times when an employee is wrong. But there are other times when a middle manager launches an attack, with only a flimsy argument. I think in these situations you do have to stand your ground, because if you don’t, people won’t realize that you were actually in the right and not just a lucky person being cut a break.

These are the sort of situations where in my past positions as a programmer, I sort of didn’t stand up enough. I sort of bit my tongue and took it in stride, then later these flimsy arguments were used to justify actions against me that were really motivated by personality clashes.

I don’t play soccer, but in a soccer game, the refs can only blow the whistle if you actually commit the foul. And if the ref blows the whistle and you didn’t really commit the foul, you have the right to complain about that.

Again I’m the sort of person to just says “no big deal, who cares.” Well if you don’t defend yourself, everyone thinks the person who blew the whistle was right.

Now if the upper management is doing this stuff, that’s when you have got to look for another job.

It’s possible to find fault even with someone who is doing a good job overall at their job. If someone who has an assist to turnover ratio of 5 to 1 gets fired and someone who has a ratio of 1 to 5 gets continually forgiven, that is office politics.

Low Performers Politicize the Office

I think people who are productive and get the job done and sort of don’t schmooze and play social games at times do experience discrimination. Again, either they get blamed for other peoples’ mistakes or mountains are made out of molehills. I really think it’s that low performers can’t sort of stay at a par level performance and they try to knock out the people who are better than them.

There’s both office politics and then there’s bringing political politics into the office. Office politics is favoring your friends, family, people you like over people who are actually doing the job correctly.

Then there’s the case of actually discriminating against someone for their real or imagined held political positions or ideology, which is increasing due to the internet. The lower performers who desire to knock off better performers are really the only reason people bring up politics in the office. It’s not the moral values garbage.

On the Political Climate (Life isn’t fair)

I view all this political division as a huge win because it’s bursting peoples’ bubbles big time. All these people who think life is fair and everyone gets along are learning the hard way that human beings are tribal and they at time stick together instead of sort of doing what is objectively speaking the fair thing to do. I’m glad people are forced to have this right in their faces, so they can stop blaming people who have bad luck with economics, as if life must be fair and somehow those with bad luck deserve what they got. It’s sort of like how Lenin liked when starvation happened, because people stopped believing in god and he was an atheist.

IT Field vs. Real Work

From my past experience in factory work and my current work experience out of the IT field, I can tell you that there is definitely something “weird” about the IT field. To put it bluntly, not enough rewarding of people who do a good job and too much of a desire to create an inner circle and remove people who aren’t in the circle. It’s not technically skilled workers with a blue collar mentality, it’s nerds who punch above their weight. Then it’s recruiters who don’t really understand skilled from unskilled and focus on background factors instead of ability.

“Move on” or Stand Your Ground?

If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that being non-confrontational and just “moving on” doesn’t work because the next employer assumes you didn’t do a good job and that’s why the job ended when really you were messed over. And if you don’t put up a fuss they don’t get the message.

Nice guys get stepped over with the assumption that they deserve whatever happened to them in the past. Future employers will cut off capable people by doing what they think is due diligence, but what is really reading between the lines and seeing the wrong story.