What I Exposed on Facebook

I did post some trollish things.  But the key is that the problem I exposed is a really big problem.

I exposed Mark Zuckerberg as a like/engagement/analytic totalitarian who is obsessed with designing everything around his central feed and the behaviors of class mates.

Because what should have happened is I should have lost some people.  I should have absorbed.  But then I should have gained other people.  Getting similar traffic, but not from the same people.

But I exposed Zuckerberg’s artificial ways of giving popular class mates traffic.  The posts about school shooters, serial killers and communism exposed how your facebook profile really isn’t your profile he’s all about the feed and the class mates.  It’s my knowledge of web design and ability to write well, cross post and screen shot that also contributed to my ability to expose this.

Seeing the mobile app, Instagram (his other platform), hearing his sister talk in person.   Seeing how traffic went down during covid when it should have gone up.   Making points about the actual web design.  I really put the case together strongly.

On the Move From Facebook to Reddit

I’ve created a real name profile on reddit, a non-anonymous one.  I am making that my most important profile and my main internet identity.

Here’s the problem. I know not everyone will move with me. Some will deactivate facebook. Some will just not use much. Some don’t really care about the feed traffic and will stay just to use facebook as a contact manager.

If I truly could permanently get everyone I would deactivate facebook. But the problem is people still will look for me on facebook from time to time. Not everyone is going to google and find my private website. It forces me to hold the profile up when I want to kill it.

I’d rather you just add me on telegram (gb819) or by phone or if you really have the balls add me on reddit. But adding me on reddit is just a sign of support. You don’t have a “wall” or a “timeline” on reddit.

On Post Frequency

In the age of social media, it is not necessary and possibly counterproductive to make frequent updates on a personal website.  The website grosses in traffic and defines the brand.   It’s not about the individual posts as much as social media is.    Blogging and web design are kind of merging together, where blogging software (like wordpress, powering this website) is used to make posts that stand and stay put.

Optimized Musical Promotion Post on Reddit

On Reddit

First the actual video embedded here.   Then the reddit pot in a blockquote.


GB819 / Sulfuric Termite practices growls and screams in a tunnel Irreversal killswitch engauge.

♬ original sound – Daryl Basarab

Title: Tik Tok of my attention whoring Screaming/Growling in Tunnel + Solo Project Links (Sulfuric Termite of Lancaster/Philadelphia Pa)


This is my self promotion post and this is it.

Here is the Tik Tok Video.

My main vocal technique is a gutteral growl and as an x runner when I was skinnier, I have a lot of aerobic capacity. But my scream is my secondary technique, that I use to keep it varied up. I growl and then I scream instead of the way around. This is taken from irreveral from killswitch engauge. You could hear it reverb in the tunnel.

Here is the uncompressed file size version of my solo project, designed to be loud.

Here is Youtube

Yes I know about this or the apocalypse and august burns red, but I’m not a copy cat. I’m my own thing. I was childhood friends with one of the band members but we went our own separate ways like I’m not leeching anyone.

I am in Lancaster Pa but I want to be in Philadelphia Pa. I have a max of 2.5 years more probation. If I can’t get it early terminated I’ll move to Philly then. I live right next to the amtrak train station.

Looking to meet musicians.

My solo stuff was written in fl studio using vst files it’s not like it was state of the art equipment. I just recorded my vocals on a chromebook using a logitech usb headset. It does not downscale well so you got to turn it up.

edit: Reddit Search Optimization

Death Metal Deathcore Thrash Metal Screamo Nu Metal Metalcore Guttural Growl Growling Growls Screams Screaming Yelling Yells Killswitch Engage Irreversal Black Metal Grindcore Hard Rock Daryl Basarab gb819 Sulfuric Termite Lancaster Philadelphia