Pulling the Ladder Up

Boomers will defend the right of Blacks and Whites to drink at the same water fountain, but won’t defend the rights of either to have enough money to afford the trip to the water fountain.

Boomers are willing to feign tolerance and open-mindedness when the issue is an issue socially but not economically. Yes they want blacks and whites to eat at the same restaurants.

But when it comes to economic issues and poor people, suddenly they pull the ladder up.

The real problem is that all your civil rights in the world doesn’t make poor people middle class.


Standing up to the Mob

This is a problem. 50% of “liberals” think it’s within their rights to fire and ruin the careers of Trump supporters, and 32% think the same of Biden with “conservatives” (terms liberal and conservative used loosely).
You have no such right to ruin someone’s bank account because your petty feelings are hurt.

30 years from now, I’ll be one of the few people who will be remembered for saying that political bullying and firing of employees for their political views is a private sector abuse of power and not a progressive cause.


Never say anything Negative?

The point I like to make, is the idea that complaining is wrong in business, that you should always speak positively about others, is exactly what let Harvey Weinstein do what he did.

I don’t like to complain without good reason, but if there is a good reason, I don’t believe in sort of turning the other cheek.

A Simple Solution to the HR Problem

Here’s my opinion. HR people and hiring people should be asked a simple question: “is life fair.” If they answer yes, they should be banned from making decisions about hiring and firing.

After that, the best people can start getting hired instead of the best butt kissers.

People who believe life is fair are the most likely to make it unfair and act against you out of their perceived sense of being wronged when it’s actually their own fault.

Another Attack on Cancel Culture

Here’s another reason i think cancel culture is stupid. Say someone really is a racist of the most extreme type who won’t even go to a gas station if the person at the register isn’t White.

If that person should impose their racist views on the company they’re working for, then you can use all sorts of legislation to penalize them for that.

But if you pre-emptive strike you don’t really have a moral ground.

when Saddam Hussein didn’t really have the WMD, that was a moral wrong on the united states, not on him.

Another analogy would be say there’s a known drug abuser in your company. You still don’t have the right to fire him unless he shows up to work high.