Woke Corporatism and Big Tech

Big Tech got very woke because of Trump and a lot of conservatives – some of them conservative democrats – started to get fired from jobs. I held a job for about 6 years then suddenly i was getting fired left and right. I know who is responsible. I don’t blame myself for that, I’m an excellent STEM skills talent with great business acumen.

Business as Usual

Once you learn how business really works, when you get those gut business instincts, you stop believing in illuminati style conspiracy theories. You realize that what other people think is an orchestrated conspiracy is just business as usual, it’s the norm in capitalism.
I’ve learned that if you don’t draw lines and you’re too nice to people you end up getting taken advantage of. If I ever didn’t draw the line, it’s not because i trusted you, it’s because I wanted to give you a chance before I put my foot down.

1st Amendment, Right to Disassociate

I truly believe that if the 1st amendment wasn’t there, people would be passing laws criminalizing the other political party’s ideological positions.

Guess what, we need to expand the 1st amendment so it applies to keeping your job too, if your speech was abstract and off the job.

We also need a right to disassociate. If I go to a BLM rally or a Robert E Lee rally (I did not), I should be able to clarify that I didn’t intend any violence, and that I disassociate myself from the violence – and then not be fired.

edit: People say that we can’t do anything to protect political ideologies. But actually, they said the same thing about sexual orientation and now that’s protected. I honestly just say end the at will doctrine altogether, then people can only be fired for consistent reasons, reasons that are tied to performance,. on the job conduct, legality of off the job conduct etc.

Need for Free Speech Movement

We need a free speech movement in America, and I’m going to be honest, Liberals are at least if not more culpable for this than Conservatives. Liberals want Conservatives to never earn another pay check. I credit Cruz for speaking up against corporate power, despite his flaws.

edit: The major shortcoming of the 1st amendment is that we’re ruled by corporations now, the Government is under the corporations instead of the other way around. So we essentially don’t have free speech if we have a job. We badly need a free speech movement.

We need a new amendment that extends freedom of speech to a job in a public corporation. I don’t want this to apply to family businesses, to businesses that aren’t corporations.

Run and Gun

We need to put a stop to this run and gun stuff where someone can have their life ruined and then turn out not to be true. The duke lacrosse rape, “hands up don’t shoot,” Michael Jackson being a chomo. I’m sorry, if you fire me for something false, I should be able to sue you.