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A comment on search engine results. comes up.   Obviously not me but someone impersonating. comes up.  That is my idea but it’s obviously in no way related to my day job while employed. comes up.   I did invent the theories behind the video, but again it’s in no way related to my day job while employed.   The author of the video is attempting to show admiration, but I should address the video because anyone who googles my name will see it and see this post.    It has nothing to do with how I earn a living. this comes up.   These are the types of people that made the original impersonation profile, but the link is now dead.   It was people running small forums trying to enjoy themselves.

Post Clean Up

I’m not going full business with this website, it’s still a personal website.   However, I decided that I do not want all my social media accounts advertised on this website, so that I can make them anonymous if I want to.  So I went back and deleted a lot of posts that advertised, elaborated on or linked to my personal accounts.

I don’t want this website to become just a business website.   I have linkedin to discuss business.    I still want it to be a personal and quasi-political website.

Custom Software Development is not in Demand in Small Business

Custom software development is a skill no one wants anymore outside of the very biggest software companies.   What people do these days is take existing software and customize it.   The ability to write code while understanding business processes is less of a coveted skill because you can customize canned software packages without writing code.   This would mean that administration jobs are a more realistic career.

The ability to query databases and write reports is still in demand.

I’m not just a Programmer. I’m also an Analyst

I’m not just a programmer, I”m also an analyst and this is not a business website.   It’s a personal website and I just happen to be discussing business.

In the days of canned software, it’s not wise to pursue a career where you’re only coding and not also analyzing and interpreting the data.

In small companies programmers tend to also be analysts.    I am confident that my analytical skills can continue to be useful to businesses even if I do not write code.

On Post Frequency

In the age of social media, it is not necessary and possibly counterproductive to make frequent updates on a personal website.  The website grosses in traffic and defines the brand.   It’s not about the individual posts as much as social media is.    Blogging and web design are kind of merging together, where blogging software (like wordpress, powering this website) is used to make posts that stand and stay put.


Keto forces your body to burn fat.  At our age, your body may be so used to burning sugar that it will take rigid discipline to burn the fat.

Burning fat kills mutated cells.   The more cells mutate, the less they can use fat and the more they have to use sugar.   You rebuild your body with cells that are more close to the original if you stick to keto strictly after wearing it out.

You do have to eventually taper off.   Cancer is when the cells become so mutated that they can invade other organs, but mutations can also cause local masses.

Reverse Racism

Since I have used the term “Reverse Racism” a few times, I might as well explain what I consider it to be.

From my point of view, reverse racism is the idea that individual Whites can be sacrificed as collateral damage to prevent the publicity mess of being accused of being a racist. The key is that the individuals sacrificed are actually upholding a universal standard of conduct or performing to a certain standard, but are either accused of adhering to a more particularist discriminatory conduct or of having an unfair advantage that needs to be taken away when the advantage is actually perfectly fair (the White person is just doing a better job). In adhering to the conduct, a minority may end up with a result that is less than desired. The politically incorrect term for this is “sore loser.”

The reason affirmative action often gets the label “reverse racism” is because the by merit person who put on the best performance doesn’t actually get the job. Having said that, under our more financially based capitalism and servicing, the days when cold calculated performance actually determine the outcome of a job application are rapidly deteriorating. Our economic system is turning into a system where it’s more who gives you favors than it is how you perform. However, in the old days when performance actually mattered in the more manufacturing based economy, the charge of reverse racism is that the person with the better performance is denied what he/she rightfully earned. It’s kind of like changing who finished first in an olympic event.

Another example of reverse racism would be to forgive the criminal backgrounds of Mexicans and Indians while deep diving into White hires. Or taking similar actions with other type of background information, alluded to in my last post. Finally, taking on the job action to destroy the careers of people who may have done something off of the job (and more likely did not) is similar conduct. By bringing it into the office, you’re the one who is actually being racist or sexist (but in “reverse”).

Stand Out Last Names

When you have a last name that stands out, people dig in and dive deeper on you. They believe themselves not to be motivated by any discrimination. They don’t discriminate as much as it is the information available that discriminates. Analgously, if you were an employer and you witnessed two employees in a sexual act, you wouldn’t be able to unlearn that even though you weren’t trying to be biased.

By digging in and getting curious, they’ve already created a double standard even though they are telling themselves that they don’t intend to discriminate. Curiosity kills the cat. In the information age this is getting worse, just like Ted Kaczynski (unique last name) warned. This digging on people – but it goes deeper when your name stands out.

Edit: Actually, around 2008-2015 was when this was at its worst. People used to celebrate violations of privacy not as personality flaws but as “due diligence.” Europe has always had a much more sound attitude towards than America. The politicians in both parties are starting to change their attitudes towards big tech. People are just wising up to the fact that you can’t judge “the analog” by the digital. You can’t judge the real world by the internet. Looking at the cover instead of the book isn’t due diligence and doesn’t make you a clever super sleuth, it just makes you shallow, selfish and someone who attempts to get in the way of other people.

The Great Resignation

The Link

What can one manager do about the Great Resignation?

What happened was that the great recession of 2007-2009 gave employers the upper hand right when we were coming out of college.  Boomers put the walls up, kept us out of the good jobs and sent the entry level away to other countries.

Since then it’s been nothing but instability and being blamed over and over for something that isn’t our fault, while HR people monitor our responses to restrict our free speech and our wages are depressed on the route to termination when it’s convenient to the employer.  But the housing prices keep going up.

What’s happening here is that we’re just saying “enough of this bullshit.  Nothing is in it for us.”  We’re tired of spending our lives chasing illusionary careers that just upend our lives and then later disregard them.   We’d rather just live poor and be stable, not having to deal with the bullshit and still having the old generation who screwed this up but kept it good for themselves give the lectures.

That’s why there is a great resignation.  We’ve had it.  No, blaming it on “white privilege” won’t help you rehabilitate the system with a slightly altered racial alignment, and no you won’t in this late era convince us that what is on top eventually trickles down the bottom.  The system is broken and we have known it and will know it and have no incentive to pretend it’s working.  We knew it back then but we had hoped it would be repaired.

The reason we’re having a “great resignation” is that people are figuring out that trickle down economics don’t work. You’re loyal to employers who only want to lower your wages and fire you as soon as it’s convenient. Might as well quit instead of get fired, drive cars that are registered to dead people and not buy houses.