Free Markets, Black Mail and Race

The analogy I would make to free market obsessives is this.

Imagine that we’re all under captivity by ISIS. We know the odds of survival are better if we praise Islam, convert religiously, etc.

Free marketers think that if they keep praising the economic system, they might get a few crumbs. They’ll keep their 50k job while someone like me will get fired.

If you take that black mail away, a lot of people would suddenly agree with me.

The interesting thing is that white people are supposed to do this. If you’re white you’re supposed to remind everyone how great free enterprise is every two seconds. Non-whites, however, are permitted to go against this.

It seems real to you (But you’re an Idiot)

What happened when Judas Priest were accused of placing subliminal messages in their music

At the time, Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton said: “It’s a fact that if you play speech backwards, some of it will seem to make sense. So I asked permission to go into a studio and find some perfectly innocent phonetic flukes. The lawyers didn’t want to do it, but I insisted. We bought a copy of the Stained Class album in a local record shop, went into the studio, recorded it to tape, turned it over and played it backwards. Right away we found ‘Hey ma, my chair’s broken’ and ‘Give me a peppermint’ and ‘Help me keep a job’.”

Apparently if you play music backwards, you occasionally hear what kind of sound like messages but are really just coincidences. Analogously, this probably explains most religious believers. They make meaning out of things but believe the meaning was made and given to them.

This is the kind of crap that google diggers and background obsessives ruin in the HR business. They draw all sort of conclusions about someone and all their paranoia is frankly based on shifting shit. They won’t do the one thing that should actually be logical – see if the person is actually skilled or not. Instead it’s about everything else.

Truth is Cold

One of the biggest problems in IT is that the lambs tend to take credit for what the lions actually do, then they have the audacity to slander their intellectual superiors like a true parasite who doesn’t know that it can’t live without the host. I have nothing but a trackrecord of accomplishments when given a fair chance, but if you listened to drama whores, i was their work and lucky that they gave me a shot I didn’t deserve.

Winning or Losing?

Even if I’m losing the economic war you might say, I’m winning the public opinion war. Most people reluctantly agree that America isn’t a merit system and ass kissers get ahead instead of the most talented people (particularly in corporate bureaucracies) when I press them on it.

Very few people have the nerve to respond to me saying “no, actually it’s your own fault. The door was always open you just refused to walk in it.” Those days are over, where mainly baby boomers had the audacity to say that.

A Nation of Crybabies

This is from Social Media:

What we have though, is a nation of cry babies and it’s gotten worse in the past 10-15 years. Instead of respecting the fact that someone gave you a black and white answer and had the cold honesty to do it, people coddle ass kissers. Nowhere is that more evident than the information technology field.

My Vision for Tech and Programming

My “vision” on technology and computer programming is totally opposed to the nerdy computer science version. To me it’s about solving real life, practical problems – yes being innovative – but not being a bandwagonner. From my point of view, a business application can be written in very old technology as long as it runs correctly, just like the fact that 2 plus 2 = 4 never becomes outdated or the difference between a major and minor scale never changes in music. I’m totally opposed to useless bandwagonning.

Anarchism, Corporations and Reaganism

Anarchism is impossible because people will still govern themselves. And how do you then stop them from governing themselves? Totalitarian anarchism?

We had de facto anarchism after Ronald Reagan took power and all it did was allowed corporations to determine everything – whether you have a job, healthcare, whether we’re primed for unnecessary wars, whether the environment is destroyed, whether you have a right to privacy and to be forgotten and whether background checks will dig too deep and technology will be used the wrong way.

“Wannabe” Big Tech

“Big tech backlash ‘is a turning point for America,’ says Roger Parloff”

What’s even more annoying than big tech is “wannabe” big tech. You have small businesses and businesses that are in fields that are not tech, but they have big it departments, and they’re echoing google talking points in their board meetings like eminem fans repeat his rhymes and think they sound cool. They have their heads up google’s ass. Then suddenly you’re terminated for no reason, actually the real reason is Indians and feminists.