Search Engine Results (Sticky)

A comment on search engine results. comes up.   Obviously not me but someone impersonating. comes up.  That is my idea but it’s obviously in no way related to my day job while employed. comes up.   I did invent the theories behind the video, but again it’s in no way related to my day job while employed.   The author of the video is attempting to show admiration, but I should address the video because anyone who googles my name will see it and see this post.    It has nothing to do with how I earn a living. this comes up.   These are the types of people that made the original impersonation profile, but the link is now dead.   It was people running small forums trying to enjoy themselves.

Post Clean Up

I’m not going full business with this website, it’s still a personal website.   However, I decided that I do not want all my social media accounts advertised on this website, so that I can make them anonymous if I want to.  So I went back and deleted a lot of posts that advertised, elaborated on or linked to my personal accounts.

I don’t want this website to become just a business website.   I have linkedin to discuss business.    I still want it to be a personal and quasi-political website.

Custom Software Development is not in Demand in Small Business

Custom software development is a skill no one wants anymore outside of the very biggest software companies.   What people do these days is take existing software and customize it.   The ability to write code while understanding business processes is less of a coveted skill because you can customize canned software packages without writing code.   This would mean that administration jobs are a more realistic career.

The ability to query databases and write reports is still in demand.

I’m not just a Programmer. I’m also an Analyst

I’m not just a programmer, I”m also an analyst and this is not a business website.   It’s a personal website and I just happen to be discussing business.

In the days of canned software, it’s not wise to pursue a career where you’re only coding and not also analyzing and interpreting the data.

In small companies programmers tend to also be analysts.    I am confident that my analytical skills can continue to be useful to businesses even if I do not write code.

I’m in the Remote Job Career Search Now

(edit: I’m also searching on site in Philadelphia)

I have to give credit to a nameless person for recommending I get back on indeed. It’s highly improved and now they send companies to you instead of having to search. I’m confident that over time we can find a good match for a remote job. Getting the right match is important and I explain my strengths and weaknesses. I also would like to recommend the A to Z database, which can be used for free in libraries. You can use that to look up executives and companies by SIC / NAICS code. Finally Fiverr was recommended to me and I signed up, but have not created a strong presence there.
I’m planning to relaunch my career as a remote worker. I think the physical jobs I do prove that I am dependable. The social media use may appear controversial, but it proves I operate computers well and write well. The previous computer programming I used to do in the office proves I have the potential to program.

On Post Frequency

In the age of social media, it is not necessary and possibly counterproductive to make frequent updates on a personal website.  The website grosses in traffic and defines the brand.   It’s not about the individual posts as much as social media is.    Blogging and web design are kind of merging together, where blogging software (like wordpress, powering this website) is used to make posts that stand and stay put.


Keto forces your body to burn fat.  At our age, your body may be so used to burning sugar that it will take rigid discipline to burn the fat.

Burning fat kills mutated cells.   The more cells mutate, the less they can use fat and the more they have to use sugar.   You rebuild your body with cells that are more close to the original if you stick to keto strictly after wearing it out.

You do have to eventually taper off.   Cancer is when the cells become so mutated that they can invade other organs, but mutations can also cause local masses.

The Whoopi Goldberg Suspension

Pay attention to what happened to Whoopi Goldberg. It is another instance of using corporate hierarchies to shut down speech. Her comment was clumsy but it exposed a problem bigger than her. She has received a two week suspension from ABC.

The suspension as a mechanism of power, using corporate hierarchy, should bother people regarding Whoopi Goldberg. It is the problem I talk about. They are using corporate monopolies to police thoughts. It is an overreaction that shows too much political correctness blatantly.

Her comments basically said the holocaust was not “about race.” As a Black person, what Whoopi Goldberg might not understand is that in Europe each nationality is perceived as “a race.” They do not have a concept of a White race. A German does not see a Pole as the same race. Groups like Serbs, Ukrainians (under Stalin), Poles, Croats etc. have all been targeted for ethnic background.

Compared to other similar events, Hitler seemed uniquely determined to get “every last one” (close to that) but the case is not dissimilar to other events it is just usually the government aims for a percentage of a population to take out with some pathway to allow the other percentage of the population to survive. There were ways to individually give special status to a few Jews in Nazi Germany, but that required a lot of luck to get special considerations.

A reasonable question to ask here is whether Goldberg would be allowed back if she was White or maybe to a lesser extent if she was Male. People like Helen Thomas, Pat Buchanan, Mel Gibson, Phil Donahue, Jesse Ventura etc. have all seen similar censorship without being allowed back. As I understand it Goldberg herself had called for other people to be cancelled, but the problem she exposes here is much bigger than herself. People even lose jobs outside of media these days. As I pointed out, people search you online and try to “guess” your positions when hiring you for a job. However, we are getting more push back against this cancel culture than before. Much of this may be the Trump effect. As a rich person Trump could not be cancelled so he broke some ice and exposed some of the mechanisms that cancel people. There has been more opposition to cancel culture lately than ever before. It manifests as well in criticisms of big tech, but in an earlier era Perhaps Whoopi Goldberg would not be getting her job back.

Social Media Options

An anonymous blog becomes useless once you have polished off your views enough to reveal them to mainstream audiences.   You post anonymously when arguing between extreme viewpoints.   Once you figure out positions that make sense, you post under your real name, hoping people will find it and know what your true positions are, instead of googling your name and guessing your positions.

Basically I moved from anonymous forums and blogs to facebook.  I tried to make facebook into a blog but the facebook algorithm didn’t cooperate with this.   It wanted facebook to be more of a “update your status” then “explain your positions” website and penalized me accordingly.  Now having polished off my positions I decided to start blogging again under my real name.

People who like the idea of posting news and ideas but think twitter has too short of a char limit should consider running a blog and posting links to the blog on twitter.  For medium sized posts, you can split them up or post photos of text.

For the kind of poster I am, instagram doesn’t have much of a use.  My photos are too satirical for a website that takes photos seriously.

The main blogging software people use is wordpress.  You can either install wordpress on your own website or you can sign up on   Under forums you usually don’t use your real name, because forums have more of a “guilt by association” vibe to them and you never know who might post in the same thread and what they might say.

Quora is cool for starting discussions but could never replace a blog.  I’m unsure how to really utilize reddit to a benefit.