No Time for Sensitive Babies

Millennials are going to have to grow up if they want to do something about the system that isn’t working for them. So many millennials are afraid that if they take a stand, they’ll lose either facebook friends or whatever economic standing they still have.

If millennials keep being sensitive babies who are easily manipulated by mass media and a few crumbs of bread, we’ll essentially never get things right.

Why the Obsessive Background Checks?

I have the answer.

Employers dig into your background so that when they need a scapegoat they can use you as the scapegoat. Call my cynical, entitled or irresponsible, but my judgement is based on years of experience and seeing how sociopaths hide behind moral purity.

Technology, of course and nerds who hide behind it has made this worse.

Why IT People are Treated Like Garbage

The reason IT people are treated so poorly as that they’re viewed kind of as a luxury car, or a first class jet flight – in other words an unnecessary toy that isn’t really essential to business process. But the problem is this is wrong, IT is central to business.

Cheap it out and be nepotistic – fire people over political viewpoints and off job hobbies – and you’ll get hacked like America just did by Russians. And I’ll always be sympathetic to Russia, after seeing our corporate world. No question.

My Outlook on Life

My basic mentality is that the world is garbage, but that it’s all we got. We have to mingle with what we got. So I’ll dislike our political system, I’ll dislike our social networks and I’ll still mingle in them, because I’m all into that fall stuff, that original sin stuff. But then it’s not bible thumping, I believe real life observations have shaped that viewpoint. I just don’t expect much out of people. I expect people to be selfish and stupid, but I know I can’t deal with a utopia.

Reflections on Society

An argument I’ve made is that the internet reflects society. Hitler, Lenin and Pol Pot all got in power without the internet. Thus people who take a fly over country view to the world are often shocked that the world isn’t made of legos but opinionated people. They propose bad ideas like restricting free speech.
What has been pointed out to me, is that the military also reflects society. Just like at walmart you have different types of people, the military is the same. And I understand that. But having the media glamorize people who supported Bush’s wars is very divisive and only fuels my critiques against Jewish and corporate influence. Anti-racism for Gentiles, the opposite for Jews while maintaining a pro war stance and reminding the Democratic Party to be “biparistian” on the war machine. And then the complete economic warfare waged on anyone incisive enough to figure these things out.
Sure, I can go to a coffee shop and have coffee with someone who is pro-military. For a long time I had pro-military friends on social media, until the situation just became too divisive. But I’m not a fool either. I know what is being done and the sensitivities and feelings of those servicemen who are supportive of the establishment or Trump’s fake opposition to it don’t change me.
Way back in the day, I didn’t have the patience to write something like this. It was like stepping onto the stage in a death metal concert. Like Deicide’s bass player and vocalist Glen Benton said, you were getting thrown right off. I think that’s a little bit much to expect for someone in his 20s who is angry with the situation.

Study on Trickle Down Economics

The Study

“A huge study of 50 years of tax cuts for the wealthy suggests ‘trickle-down’ economics makes inequality worse – Business Insider”

Comments: It’s a no brainer, because you create a situation with microdictators, who then can basically hold you hostage because they have the money supply and you NEED them to make your salary.

Donald Trump and Corporate America

I feel Donald Trump represents the typical person in modern corporate America. This kind of acting on your whims, acting on your feelings and throwing people under the bus just to prove a point, to prove you have the authority to do it. It’s normal in the year 2020.

Donald Trump is not an aberration to corporate America, but a pretty reasonable sample of it. And people use anti-racist posturing as an excuse to hide their sociopathic behaviors. The laid off white person becomes racial progress in a perverted alliance between free market libertarians and coastal liberals.

Is Life Fair?

I’m a strong believer that life isn’t fair and that you can’t better your situation until you realize the game could be stacked against you. No amount of playing without fouls will help you in a game where the other side urinates on the chess board instead of plays the game based on a set of rules.