Social Hierarchies

At first that the substance of various extreme ideologies is the cause for the backlash against them, but in actuality, the real cause is the low social status of the people who push the ideologies. It takes a lot of thought to realize that such hierarchies actually exist but when you realize the people on the top don’t want people on the bottom organizing in ways that actually could change things (black lives matter won’t actually change anything black lives already legally matter since 1965).

This is why Trump can say “Grab them by the pussy” but in an office job you’d get fired. it’s why rich rappers can rap about things similar to how trump talks, but then the same people who support anti-fascist activism also support the rappers.

Groups like the adl and splc have an intermediate social position where they are able to cause trouble for someone like Alex Jones but not someone like Donald Trump who has a higher social position than them. But most billionares fall right in line in agreement.