1st Amendment, not Middle or Last

You have to remember that freedom of speech is the FIRST amendment, not the 13th or 14th. It’s the freedom that every other freedom depends on. We cannot allow cancel culture to undo our free speech in the name of the free market.

The biggest threat to our freedom of speech comes not from the Government passing a law against it, but from all the big businesses waging war on it in the private sector as a monopolized group.

The Act of a Coward

Going against the cancel culture is like going against organized religion during the dark ages. That’s real balls, encouraging the bus to run over people is the act of a coward.

It doesn’t take balls to see a mob beating a person and cheer that mob on. It does take balls to take a baseball bat and stand up for that person. Sorry, cancel mobs are cowards, not people speaking truth to power.

Karen Go Away

I think white men and black men can agree on the Karen thing. Whiny weak prima donnas don’t do either of us good.

A karen is very likely to fire a young white professional in an attempt to prove that she isn’t racist herself. They’re cowards and the slightest controversy causes them to panic.

The Root of America’s Problem

The core of our problem, in America, is that un-elected people have too much power.

They can determine whether you’re panhandling on the street of living in a mansion. They can determine whether you have decent health insurance or maybe the bronze plan on obamacare paying 1/2 your income for it. They can determine whether you have a real shot going for your next job interview, or if you’re just going to be libeled for petty reasons. They influence our foreign policy, they buy our politicians.

And it’s out of that system that we got our politicians, and it’s out of that same system which Trump came as a political outsider but still an economic insider.

This is the real problem, “Systemic racism” is at most a symptom of this.

“Karen” Shaming

(To provide context, “Karen” is a pejorative being used to shame entitled fragile white women who complain and expect to be pampered, usually but not always by police officers. But I’m writing this post from the viewpoint of someone is interested in how this harms Whites, because we already know it harms Blacks.)

We need to support this “Karen Shaming” because it’s shaming weakness and fragility in Whites. And we don’t want that, because it hurts us too. Next time you’re fired for someone else’s mistake, realize it’s because someone who thinks like Karen did it to you. A coward.

Why America Fell Behind

The problem America has now is that it’s hardcore into this cultural fit thing. Nobody really cares what you get done in the office anymore, but just how you appear for quasi-political ends. And that’s why America sunk. That’s why there’s no manufacturing. That’s why we’re now behind in tech.

You slapped the intelligent, hard working guy in the face who was the guy who was keeping the boat floating.

Explaining Baby Boomers

I’ve listened to some critiques of the baby boomers from older generations and basically what they say is that the boomers saw life getting better and better and better but they didn’t see that people were going to work every day and working hard.

And so boomers sort of thought society would just get better with no effort. And they lost that cause and effect.

And so basically they’ve ridden what came before them but ruined it for the next generation.

A Rigged Game

There is so much finagling in business to make sure you don’t have a level playing field, to rig the game in favor of insiders, that it’s amazing that any person without inside connections ever even holds down a job given the deck stacked against them and the attempts to prevent them from succeeding.

Considering how much the game is rigged, I’ve actually done pretty well in that rigged game.