Biblical Inerrancy Is Not Possible

The honest truth is that the scientific discoveries we have made since the bible was written make it impossible to view the bible as the literal word for word creation of god. It is at best something that was inspired by god, but then written through the eyes of humans.
The age of the earth, the spherical shape of the earth, the fact that the earth moves around the sun, the inability to have perfect translation between different languages. The obviously tribal motivations of Judaism (our god can beat up your god).
I feel it’s not possible for any intellectually honest person to hold the position that the bible is the literal word of god.
The other thing is that studying genetic material shows there is something called “junk dna.” Much of DNA doesn’t really do anything that’s important. A creator would have no motive to create junk dna any more than a computer programmer would leave unreadable machine code in a computer program. That points to the theory of evolution – of trial and error.

If the bible was written by god, it would have been ahead of the science that existed at the time, not parallel with it.

When people wrote religious texts, they would argue that they were witness to the fact that god was behind certain scientific facts. But we now know that science was incorrect. So we now know the writers of these texts were creating a bridge to something that doesn’t exist. Which means the only god they were talking to was the voices in their own heads. (Unless you believe god told them to write the wrong stuff on purpose).