Why Centrism?

Liberals want to ally with corporations against the white working class. That’s the simplest way of explaining my centrism, and why I think left deviations lead people to the same place as right deviations. It was true in Russia too, except “white” wasn’t the identity.

Everything starts to make sense when you realize that liberals view white workers as deplorable racists. They’re not seeking the construction worker or truck driver or even the white computer programmer. It’s a mistake to associate liberals with a class based idea.

Only centrists can support the ethnic majority working class. Leftists will deviate due to points around race and identity politics, and rightists will deviate in a more overt way to the business class.

View on the Military

The purpose of the military is to hit down people who either threaten us or who make crimes that are so great, adolf hitler style, that it’s inexcusable. That we’re the evangelists for democracy is idiotic and totally misunderstands the role of the nation in forming the state.

A Prediction of my Wikipedia

“Working Class Democrat Daryl Basarab, known for his opposition to both liberals and trickle down economics, persuasively argues that discrimination never stops and life isn’t fair, therefore a demand side currency reserve should be invented outside of the federal reserve.”
-what will be in wikipedia one day, when I start my campaigns that are going to produce a lot of flair. Inventing this demand side system does not mean we get rid of the federal reserve or change it any way.

Globalization and Supply Side Economics

Part of the reason demand side economics were ignored is that coastal cosmopolitans made the argument that global trade and globalization would sell all the American products. They basically threw the working class under the bus.

Liberals, in contrast to working class Democrats, were willing to support any economic policy as long as they could push their social issues. Not only did we get killed in trade, but we made our working class a sacrificial lamb by maintaining the supply side focus.

At Will Employment

I’m convinced that I could convince more than 50% of Republican voters – not necessarily insiders, but voters – that at will employment as to go, that corporations need cause to fire someone. I could also convince moderate Democrats.

Socialism vs. Demand Side Economics

People must understand the difference between being anti trickle down and socialism. Every American socialist third party considers America illegitimate not just economically but racially. Other countries may be market socialist, but we can be demand side without that. There’s command socialism and market socialism, but we don’t have to be either, we can be demand side but otherwise not even market socialism.