On Discussion of Politics

there are two people who don’t like to talk about politics.
1) people who have it too good. they’ve had an easy cushy life. they’ve never been wronged, or mistreated.
2) people who have opinions but are afraid of the consequences of showing them.

We need more discussion, because a lot of people have been hurt.

edit: to be honest, I respect someone more who disagrees with me than someone who gets offended by the fact that I had a political opinion in the first place.

Truth Doesn’t Change For Your Feelings

The disrespect showed to technical people in America is off the charts. It’s common modus operandi to be given a job in another county and then be laid off a few months later with no notice, being told the whole time that it was long term. This is before and during Trump.

This has nothing to do with behavior or performance and only employers being con artists and assholes who resent your political insight off the job.

Unions and the Middle Class

Our problem, in American society right now, is that labor has unilaterally disarmed. The working class has wrongly believed that “good will” and “fair play” created the middle class in America. That’s not true, what created the middle class in America was the political penalty for destroying it. As soon as we stopped acting as a group and started being just separated individuals looking to get a paycheck, corporate america took advantage and destroyed our careers. The only non-violent path to retribution against monopolized corporate america is unionization and labor organization. You can’t fight back against corporations as an individual – they’ll easily just blow you off. You can only do it by mass organization.

Happy Labor Day.

Borris Johnson’s Political Incorrectness


Here’s what I don’t get. Someone like Trump and even more, Johnson, can make racialist statements and statements about Jewish influence and become president and prime minister. But little woke corporations are scared shitless of white employees having any political views at all.

My point is that the actual threat of some politically incorrect statement that someone may or may not have said that you think you can dig up is not much of a threat. You’re just choosing to be corporate dictator, if you are, because you’re an asshole.