On Repairing Friendships

What I think facebook is guilty of this. We were all online, but we were all online for our own separate motivations. Some sharing pictures. Some writing blog stye updates. Some sharing central feed posts. Some chatting with a few friends. Some talking politics. Some organizing for weddings.
Facebook created the image that we were closer friends than we actually were in our 20s, then ripped the image apart in our 30s.
We need to think deeply if we were ever as close as we pretended and then remake the friendships if they actually were real. Those of us who never were friends in the past could always re-evaluate and see if we are better fit to be friends now.
If I did actually destroy good friendships, I want to repair them. If we were just imagining it there’s nothing to repair, but we could evaluate each other.
We need to take a long view on this and stabilize in the middle.
Until facebook does its next major redesign, the downward spiral is going to continue as traffic continues to hemorrhage and we will all feel “unfriended.”
edit: I really loved and found comfort in the idea that we were all online using our real names together. And we’re never going to have that feeling again because Facebook has hit its peak and the rest of the web is anonymous or semi-anonymous. I’m truly open to coming together with friends. The days where I’m trying to shock are over.

How Facebook Mislead

Everyone had the internet in college with their pc set up. Phones were not there yet. However, I rarely used Facebook until it opened to the world. Meaning, I was surfing all kinds of other websites, forums, blogs, news websites etc. (and creating websites) while other people were surfing Facebook. Then, Facebook opened to the whole world and suddenly I thought I could use it kind of as a front page with people I actually know and real names.
The way the internet used to be, these communities would spring up, but then they would just die off, making Facebook look secure. However, Facebook has mislead people. It has trapped people in this circle where the conversations are never very deep and the circle does not grow. It has then also penalized people who have pivoted their audiences after Facebook opened up.
In summary, Facebook opened to the world after starting off as school based, but then penalized people for opening up with it and trapped people in small, low quality circle while seeming to be a secure alternative for long term posting.
Having written that I am not necessarily advising deactivating, because then nobody is going to be able to find anyone. That is the only reason I do not deactivate.

On Facebook’s Decline

I thought facebook was something I could rely on to entertain myself for my whole life. I never thought it would have fallen off this far this early. It’s not like athletics. It’s typing on a keyboard and using a phone.

BUT. There is a silver lining. The decline has been over the last 5 years and we’ve been at rock bottom for a year. It can’t get any worse than it is now. There is no further path down. And I didn’t commit suicide.

With a redesign and more open policy to connect new people, perhaps there can be a modest come back although I think the peak will be a lower peak. It needs to transform into a “meet new people” website but Zuckerberg is against that because of the Metaverse.

Zuckerberg just doesn’t get it showing your life offline to online has been maxed out people are looking to expand now and move into new territory by cross pollinating different social networks. You can only keep it real so many times. People want to meet new people.

I have plenty of reasons I could live in the past and I know not to live in the past.

We’re too far out of school to still glorify class mates. Especially those of us who had no friends.

My Facebook Shadowban

What pissed the classmate people off a lot is posts that were like atheistic Muslim sympathizing posts. Basically saying “I don’t agree with Islam but I agree with the tactical goals of Islamofascists.” Those sort of posts really got the preppy classmate people going.
Now if that stuff got me shadow banned, I knew facebook couldn’t handle Trump. Trump took the troll stuff I was doing and made it on a global level, openly playing the heel. Dividing people into supporters and opponents.
It’s a shame because I feel people should have been able to pivot towards a non-classmate audience and choose politics if that’s what they wanted to do.


On telegram, if you add contacts from your phone number, it keeps the phone number. BUT. If you add people by screen name it doesn’t give you the phone number. So I can post @gb819 right here and nobody can get my number from it. but anyone could contact me through it. You run a search with the @ sign to search for people without the phone numbers in a “secret chat.” It’s web.telegram.org if you aren’t on your phone, otherwise it’s an app.
Telegram also allows you to make large groups where everyone talks to each other.

A New Sub (or more)

I want to collectively start a new sub (or a few) that serves the purpose of allowing people who otherwise could not collaborate to collaborate because there is no huge need to drive traffic as existing big subs are used to drive traffic.   Some people who could not collab on vbulletin, WordPress, or Twitter could collab in this niche style setup where the traffic is actually pulled in other subs.

If you notice, I’ve disabled comments and replaced them with the reddit rss embeds where the comments would normally go on this centalzing website.






Optimized Musical Promotion Post on Reddit

On Reddit

First the actual video embedded here.   Then the reddit pot in a blockquote.


GB819 / Sulfuric Termite practices growls and screams in a tunnel Irreversal killswitch engauge.

♬ original sound – Daryl Basarab

Title: Tik Tok of my attention whoring Screaming/Growling in Tunnel + Solo Project Links (Sulfuric Termite of Lancaster/Philadelphia Pa)


This is my self promotion post and this is it.

Here is the Tik Tok Video.

My main vocal technique is a gutteral growl and as an x runner when I was skinnier, I have a lot of aerobic capacity. But my scream is my secondary technique, that I use to keep it varied up. I growl and then I scream instead of the way around. This is taken from irreveral from killswitch engauge. You could hear it reverb in the tunnel.

Here is the uncompressed file size version of my solo project, designed to be loud.

Here is Youtube

Yes I know about this or the apocalypse and august burns red, but I’m not a copy cat. I’m my own thing. I was childhood friends with one of the band members but we went our own separate ways like I’m not leeching anyone.

I am in Lancaster Pa but I want to be in Philadelphia Pa. I have a max of 2.5 years more probation. If I can’t get it early terminated I’ll move to Philly then. I live right next to the amtrak train station.

Looking to meet musicians.

My solo stuff was written in fl studio using vst files it’s not like it was state of the art equipment. I just recorded my vocals on a chromebook using a logitech usb headset. It does not downscale well so you got to turn it up.

edit: Reddit Search Optimization

Death Metal Deathcore Thrash Metal Screamo Nu Metal Metalcore Guttural Growl Growling Growls Screams Screaming Yelling Yells Killswitch Engage Irreversal Black Metal Grindcore Hard Rock Daryl Basarab gb819 Sulfuric Termite Lancaster Philadelphia


I’m getting reddit finally.  The whole point behind it is the principle “it isn’t who is saying it, it is what is being said.”   You can use it like a search engine but instead of bringing up predictable results like wikipedia and youtube every time you google something you get random content from average people.

If I typed in war right now into reddit I’d see average people talking about war, with a tilt towards the ukraine thing.  Or If I typed “serial killer.”

You then can contribute to the content yourself.   You have to give up on the idea though of knowing who you’re talking to.  Instead you know what you’re talking about.  Because of this you have to categorize every post.

Reddit is growing while facebook just shrunk in users for the first time ever.  Reddit posts are almost like business transactions.  The supermarket doesn’t care who gives them the money when they check out.

edit: The reason you don’t follow users on reddit is that it’s completely random what subreddits they jump between.   They may post in one you like and then three you don’t like right after that.


There’s nothing really in it for me to try to build up Instagram. I wouldn’t mind lurking and viewing others, but I don’t care to follow people. So if I don’t get access, oh well. I kind of want to mine into who follows who but it’s so damn slow. That circle keeps going round and round and they have 100s if not 1000s of followers and followees and you can’t scroll down fast enough.

edit: One thing I will say about fb, is that I think calling it a “friend request” is too personal. I like the way instagram has followers. What I don’t like about instagram is that it’s only photos. And there’s no point in me postings walls of text or bs photos just to write text, because I’m better off just using a blog and twitter. Maybe i’ll make a few photos on instagram, but I doubt I’ll try very hard to build it.

Social Media Options

An anonymous blog becomes useless once you have polished off your views enough to reveal them to mainstream audiences.   You post anonymously when arguing between extreme viewpoints.   Once you figure out positions that make sense, you post under your real name, hoping people will find it and know what your true positions are, instead of googling your name and guessing your positions.

Basically I moved from anonymous forums and blogs to facebook.  I tried to make facebook into a blog but the facebook algorithm didn’t cooperate with this.   It wanted facebook to be more of a “update your status” then “explain your positions” website and penalized me accordingly.  Now having polished off my positions I decided to start blogging again under my real name.

People who like the idea of posting news and ideas but think twitter has too short of a char limit should consider running a blog and posting links to the blog on twitter.  For medium sized posts, you can split them up or post photos of text.

For the kind of poster I am, instagram doesn’t have much of a use.  My photos are too satirical for a website that takes photos seriously.

The main blogging software people use is wordpress.  You can either install wordpress on your own website or you can sign up on wordpress.com.   Under forums you usually don’t use your real name, because forums have more of a “guilt by association” vibe to them and you never know who might post in the same thread and what they might say.

Quora is cool for starting discussions but could never replace a blog.  I’m unsure how to really utilize reddit to a benefit.