Social Media Options

An anonymous blog becomes useless once you have polished off your views enough to reveal them to mainstream audiences.   You post anonymously when arguing between extreme viewpoints.   Once you figure out positions that make sense, you post under your real name, hoping people will find it and know what your true positions are, instead of googling your name and guessing your positions.

Basically I moved from anonymous forums and blogs to facebook.  I tried to make facebook into a blog but the facebook algorithm didn’t cooperate with this.   It wanted facebook to be more of a “update your status” then “explain your positions” website and penalized me accordingly.  Now having polished off my positions I decided to start blogging again under my real name.

People who like the idea of posting news and ideas but think twitter has too short of a char limit should consider running a blog and posting links to the blog on twitter.  For medium sized posts, you can split them up or post photos of text.

For the kind of poster I am, instagram doesn’t have much of a use.  My photos are too satirical for a website that takes photos seriously.

The main blogging software people use is wordpress.  You can either install wordpress on your own website or you can sign up on   Under forums you usually don’t use your real name, because forums have more of a “guilt by association” vibe to them and you never know who might post in the same thread and what they might say.

Quora is cool for starting discussions but could never replace a blog.  I’m unsure how to really utilize reddit to a benefit.