Recessions, Recoveries, Boomers, Millennials

Every recession harms millennials.

But every recovery only goes to boomers.

Even when the recession ends, boomers are there discriminating against you telling you that you have too many gaps or not enough experience or a bad reference or dirty pages about you on the internet.

Only by ejecting baby boomers from their influence can we rise up

Job Searching, Merit and Millennials

You have to view job searching as sort of like playing a game that is rigged against you, where you win not by pushing the right button, making the right move or doing the right thing like a video game, but where you win by simply getting lucky and being in the right place at the right time.

Understand that as a millennial, it’s rare to be judged on your merits.

Politics or Bad Performance

Aside from layoffs that are purely financial, there are basically three reasons a person can be fired.

  1. Bad behavior
  2. Bad Performance
  3. Office Politicking

You probably know that it wasn’t behavior. You didn’t use the f word. You didn’t disrespect a customer. You didn’t tell your boss to go to hell.

Thus you may question if a termination is over politics or your ability.

The best evidence that you were treated unfairly in business is when the door is slammed shut. Normally parting ways is a difficult decision. If the employer was itching to remove you, it’s probably office politics as opposed to not being a good worker.

Slamming the door shut is immature, but seems to be common in Information Technology. It’s an industry that doesn’t have the sort of labor solidarity that other fields do, where childish behavior is very tolerated.

What I dislike in Business

-Being blamed for something and then having the due process railroaded as fast as possible as if to get me fired before I can show that I was actually right.
-Being judged on what it’s anticipated that I’m going to do. You may for instance anticipate that I’ll not perform well or I’ll take the job and leave quickly. Your anticipation is about as accurate as the prediction that the Titanic couldn’t sink.
-Having middle men hire tech positions, such that they don’t understand the thought process behind a computer programmer in an information systems MIS role, and overemphasize whether you hit certain litmus tests. Profiteers who are paranoid that you won’t work out, because then they lose their profit for placing you, and then the client is suspicious. Really it’s not worth using recruiters.
-Ethnic nepotists who can’t see their own anti meritocratic behavior. Indians of course, but Italians do it too.

Summarizing Generational Conflict

Overall, the idea that the millennial generation has had its individuals judged on their own merits in the corporate world is a joke. It’s very clear that there’s an us vs. them mentality with boomers and that they destroy millennial careers just for being power hungry and insecure.

But that’s not my only problem with the system – I don’t like the way we’re bullying the world either, or that the people who pretend to want to fix things think that discussing race instead of class will fix it.

A Harsh Assessment of Older Tech Managers

I feel baby boomers kind of work backwards from their own imagination instead of actually looking at your job performance.
They anticipate that you maybe are not that great at your job and then they piece the puzzle together backwards using really sideways and bizarre logic but nobody has the balls to call out the top guy who is deluded from reality due to his privileged position.
Indians are a baby boomer’s best friend in IT / programming.

The Millennial Lesson

What millennials are learning, they really should have already learned it but they’re relearning, is that the little thread that they hang from is held by selfish people who are willing to cut the thread fast either for gain or because your job may be important but not essential and they can gain a sense of power by taking your job away to feel like a bigger person.

Remarks on Trump

Ignoring dumb arguments like the Russia baiting, the real argument I think to be against Trump is that the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” logic failed.

My major issue with American politics is that politicians were acting as middlemen for special interests including AIPAC and corporate lobbies.

And it is true that Trump cut the middleman, but he was the guy who was giving orders to the middle men before he was President so it’s an incorrect read of the situation to say that he cut the middle man because he wanted to reduce the power of special interests. He cut the middleman to change the strategy in how those special interests are pursued, because he IS the special interest.

His claim to be against the Iraq war from day one is not only proven to be a lie, but wouldn’t have been possible for a big businessman like him. If he had actually done that, a massive hate campaign would have been launched at him. Many people lost their jobs or were blacklisted from media because they correctly opposed the Iraq war.

On the Topic of Reverse Discrimination

Simplistic people will never understand that white males can be discriminated against, because there are some areas where there are a lot of very qualified white males, and so firing them to insert other groups disenfranchises them unless the other individuals are better workers.

If we started getting rid of some nba players, just not michael jordan and lebron james, on the basis of race, so that it was more balanced, most people would agree that it’s unfair to them. It’s the same thing in areas where there are a lot of qualified Whites.

A Need to Clean House

This is going to sound harsh, but I feel IT workers get treatment that wouldn’t be tolerated in any other field. I think it’s because of super nerds who don’t realize that their actions impact other people negatively, and Indians, who bring third world ethics into a first world country.

The disposable mentality towards IT workers just wouldn’t be tolerated in any other field. The idea that you take credit for someone’s work, fire them with no notice, bash them on a reference call for their next job and that that isn’t a problem. That you can then turn around and make a big deal of their resume gaps. My experience now working outside of IT has confirmed to me that there’s something wrong there and I think there has to be a house cleaning on a major scale.

I happen to think I’m very good at what do, which is information systems style programming. I don’t think I’m “average.” But I’ve ran into so many people who have interfered with my ability to apply my knowledge.