I’m getting reddit finally.  The whole point behind it is the principle “it isn’t who is saying it, it is what is being said.”   You can use it like a search engine but instead of bringing up predictable results like wikipedia and youtube every time you google something you get random content from average people.

If I typed in war right now into reddit I’d see average people talking about war, with a tilt towards the ukraine thing.  Or If I typed “serial killer.”

You then can contribute to the content yourself.   You have to give up on the idea though of knowing who you’re talking to.  Instead you know what you’re talking about.  Because of this you have to categorize every post.

Reddit is growing while facebook just shrunk in users for the first time ever.  Reddit posts are almost like business transactions.  The supermarket doesn’t care who gives them the money when they check out.

edit: The reason you don’t follow users on reddit is that it’s completely random what subreddits they jump between.   They may post in one you like and then three you don’t like right after that.

Groups are Made of Individuals

The only conclusion I’m making is that a lot of people took me for granted saw me as a member of certain groups instead of as an individual.   When the groups started to fracture because they couldn’t move beyond either high school or college, they didn’t readjust their outlook to look at people as individuals.   Guess what back in those days we did discuss sensitive issues but back in those days people weren’t trying to relive the past those days in their times actually were the present.  But something weird happened when people turned 30, it’s like they suddenly decided that discussing real issues damages the possibility of continuing these friendships, when back then it wasn’t seen as a continuation it was seen as the present.

It’s actually very liberating to change the mindset.   To realize that we had certain groups back in the day but that we’re also individuals.    If you can shift that paradigm your sanity will be restored.  This is facebook’s problem.


Keto forces your body to burn fat.  At our age, your body may be so used to burning sugar that it will take rigid discipline to burn the fat.

Burning fat kills mutated cells.   The more cells mutate, the less they can use fat and the more they have to use sugar.   You rebuild your body with cells that are more close to the original if you stick to keto strictly after wearing it out.

You do have to eventually taper off.   Cancer is when the cells become so mutated that they can invade other organs, but mutations can also cause local masses.

The Ukraine and Russia

When I was saying I was going to move to russia and writing all those Russian people, there were a few Ukranians too.   The thing is they were clearly after money that I didn’t have but they would write letters about the conflict that was going on between the Ukraine and Russia.  The trouble is that it seems like the West vs. Russia.   It doesn’t seem like the Ukraine really has its own third position.  Meaning the current government is a Western puppet.

Also, the Ukranian and Russian languages became more similar to each other in recent times and most Ukranians also speak Russian.  Other Slavic languages spell out their words in an alphabet that is more like the west.

edit: I think I wrote too many political posts in the past, but I still support an occasional political post.

Rebuilding My Body

I had this growth in my intestine/stomach that wouldn’t go away and I had to abuse my body to make it go away, totally burning the candle at both ends, not sleeping, motoring on the bike up a hard hill, stretching like crazy and inserting some liquids anally (the homophobia and it’s painful when you first do it) which finally made it recede and now I’m having proper movements.   I was using objects to contort my body and apply weight so I could stretch better.

This took a toll on me but what I’ve found is that with good keto diet I can reverse the effects of burning the candle at both ends over time.  In other words my body appearance has gone done before and then gone up again.  I had to go into starvation mode to make my joints flexible enough to damage that growth and then destroy it with the liquids.

I had to work on the flexibility of my gums because they became very tight as a result of this.   Now I need rest and keto powder (also vitamin water and milk).

Gas came out of me like I was an engine.  And I kept coughing up slime.   You wouldn’t believe the amount of gas that came out.

The thing is that when I got out of inpatient psych and then rehab, the back pain was so bad that I was considering committing suicide.  The doctors had no advice on what to do.   I wanted to come up from rehab early but my parents forced me to stay until I got a slight early release because I caught covid.  Probation would not have been happy that I went to rehab and then cut before they let me out, so it’s good I stayed until I got released.

I think what has kept this under control my entire adult life is keto.

Friendship as 1 to 1

If you stop thinking of friendship as an individual thing and start thinking of it as groups, it will cause you to spin off into depression. The problem is that these groups all split apart since the days of high school and college I could almost flow chart it. You’ll let the fact that you don’t care for one person cause to avoid another.
I used to never feel that I had to take a side when two friends I had didn’t get along. I never believed that a friend of a friend is automatically a friend.
But I realized how depressing life becomes if you actually follow this, because every person you individually like will have a friend of a friend who you don’t like. You’ll go into depression if you view everything through groups instead of individuals.
That’s probably one bad thing facebook did. It convinced people that friendship is kind of like family. You inherit friends. You really don’t inherit friends, you direct bridge your way to friends.
You have to truly deeply believe that friendship is a real thing- really at 150% – to not go into this depression.

The Whoopi Goldberg Suspension

Pay attention to what happened to Whoopi Goldberg. It is another instance of using corporate hierarchies to shut down speech. Her comment was clumsy but it exposed a problem bigger than her. She has received a two week suspension from ABC.

The suspension as a mechanism of power, using corporate hierarchy, should bother people regarding Whoopi Goldberg. It is the problem I talk about. They are using corporate monopolies to police thoughts. It is an overreaction that shows too much political correctness blatantly.

Her comments basically said the holocaust was not “about race.” As a Black person, what Whoopi Goldberg might not understand is that in Europe each nationality is perceived as “a race.” They do not have a concept of a White race. A German does not see a Pole as the same race. Groups like Serbs, Ukrainians (under Stalin), Poles, Croats etc. have all been targeted for ethnic background.

Compared to other similar events, Hitler seemed uniquely determined to get “every last one” (close to that) but the case is not dissimilar to other events it is just usually the government aims for a percentage of a population to take out with some pathway to allow the other percentage of the population to survive. There were ways to individually give special status to a few Jews in Nazi Germany, but that required a lot of luck to get special considerations.

A reasonable question to ask here is whether Goldberg would be allowed back if she was White or maybe to a lesser extent if she was Male. People like Helen Thomas, Pat Buchanan, Mel Gibson, Phil Donahue, Jesse Ventura etc. have all seen similar censorship without being allowed back. As I understand it Goldberg herself had called for other people to be cancelled, but the problem she exposes here is much bigger than herself. People even lose jobs outside of media these days. As I pointed out, people search you online and try to “guess” your positions when hiring you for a job. However, we are getting more push back against this cancel culture than before. Much of this may be the Trump effect. As a rich person Trump could not be cancelled so he broke some ice and exposed some of the mechanisms that cancel people. There has been more opposition to cancel culture lately than ever before. It manifests as well in criticisms of big tech, but in an earlier era Perhaps Whoopi Goldberg would not be getting her job back.