There’s nothing really in it for me to try to build up Instagram. I wouldn’t mind lurking and viewing others, but I don’t care to follow people. So if I don’t get access, oh well. I kind of want to mine into who follows who but it’s so damn slow. That circle keeps going round and round and they have 100s if not 1000s of followers and followees and you can’t scroll down fast enough.

edit: One thing I will say about fb, is that I think calling it a “friend request” is too personal. I like the way instagram has followers. What I don’t like about instagram is that it’s only photos. And there’s no point in me postings walls of text or bs photos just to write text, because I’m better off just using a blog and twitter. Maybe i’ll make a few photos on instagram, but I doubt I’ll try very hard to build it.

Social Media Options

An anonymous blog becomes useless once you have polished off your views enough to reveal them to mainstream audiences.   You post anonymously when arguing between extreme viewpoints.   Once you figure out positions that make sense, you post under your real name, hoping people will find it and know what your true positions are, instead of googling your name and guessing your positions.

Basically I moved from anonymous forums and blogs to facebook.  I tried to make facebook into a blog but the facebook algorithm didn’t cooperate with this.   It wanted facebook to be more of a “update your status” then “explain your positions” website and penalized me accordingly.  Now having polished off my positions I decided to start blogging again under my real name.

People who like the idea of posting news and ideas but think twitter has too short of a char limit should consider running a blog and posting links to the blog on twitter.  For medium sized posts, you can split them up or post photos of text.

For the kind of poster I am, instagram doesn’t have much of a use.  My photos are too satirical for a website that takes photos seriously.

The main blogging software people use is wordpress.  You can either install wordpress on your own website or you can sign up on   Under forums you usually don’t use your real name, because forums have more of a “guilt by association” vibe to them and you never know who might post in the same thread and what they might say.

Quora is cool for starting discussions but could never replace a blog.  I’m unsure how to really utilize reddit to a benefit.

SB 913 (Pennsylvania Probation Reform)

Probation reform has passed the Pennsylvania Senate, but is taking its time in the House. The previous bill, SB 14, stalled and never got passed. The current bill is SB 913.

What needs reform most in the Pennsylvania probation system (and maybe other states too) is the idea that you have to get it approved before you move, having both a job and house lined up. Also, the idea that they can deny the move, for speculative reasons, as a lot of these small towns think they are the center of the universe and don’t understand that they aren’t.

That’s not how it works in the real world. In the real world someone may move and then get a job later or they may get a job and just find places to sleep until they get a house. If a person is in line with their requirements they should be able to move if they violate you can deal with that situation when it happens.

Reading The Cover Not the Book

If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that the older generation totally reads the book by the cover and not the inside.

They totally act on their own prejudices and then pat themselves on the back as if they’ve dodged a bullet.  This treasure trove of internet information was exactly what Boomers needed to justify their pathological need to cut off opportunities to the up and coming millennial generation.

Boomers are the type of people who would fire you if they type in your name to google and the wrong stuff comes back, even if you are essentially performing your job at a high and advanced level in person.

Their “opposition to racism” is really just an upper class prejudice against the working class disguised as a moral value.  They have essentially decided to be prejudiced against the economically marginalized and justify it by not basing that around race.

edit: Some Tweets

“Boomers basically deny being racist so they can shit on all poor people regardless of race. They’re willing to let a few blacks into the yaught club for that angel (spelling incorrect). Their form of antiracism has nothing to do with the content of the character instead of the color of the skin.

“One way to not be racist is to kick poor whites around. It’s worth opening the door to a few Blacks, to gain the credibility it takes to slam poor whites as racists and slam poor blacks as not having earned their way based on merit (accepting a few blacks sets that up).”

Reverse Racism

Since I have used the term “Reverse Racism” a few times, I might as well explain what I consider it to be.

From my point of view, reverse racism is the idea that individual Whites can be sacrificed as collateral damage to prevent the publicity mess of being accused of being a racist. The key is that the individuals sacrificed are actually upholding a universal standard of conduct or performing to a certain standard, but are either accused of adhering to a more particularist discriminatory conduct or of having an unfair advantage that needs to be taken away when the advantage is actually perfectly fair (the White person is just doing a better job). In adhering to the conduct, a minority may end up with a result that is less than desired. The politically incorrect term for this is “sore loser.”

The reason affirmative action often gets the label “reverse racism” is because the by merit person who put on the best performance doesn’t actually get the job. Having said that, under our more financially based capitalism and servicing, the days when cold calculated performance actually determine the outcome of a job application are rapidly deteriorating. Our economic system is turning into a system where it’s more who gives you favors than it is how you perform. However, in the old days when performance actually mattered in the more manufacturing based economy, the charge of reverse racism is that the person with the better performance is denied what he/she rightfully earned. It’s kind of like changing who finished first in an olympic event.

Another example of reverse racism would be to forgive the criminal backgrounds of Mexicans and Indians while deep diving into White hires. Or taking similar actions with other type of background information, alluded to in my last post. Finally, taking on the job action to destroy the careers of people who may have done something off of the job (and more likely did not) is similar conduct. By bringing it into the office, you’re the one who is actually being racist or sexist (but in “reverse”).

Stand Out Last Names

When you have a last name that stands out, people dig in and dive deeper on you. They believe themselves not to be motivated by any discrimination. They don’t discriminate as much as it is the information available that discriminates. Analgously, if you were an employer and you witnessed two employees in a sexual act, you wouldn’t be able to unlearn that even though you weren’t trying to be biased.

By digging in and getting curious, they’ve already created a double standard even though they are telling themselves that they don’t intend to discriminate. Curiosity kills the cat. In the information age this is getting worse, just like Ted Kaczynski (unique last name) warned. This digging on people – but it goes deeper when your name stands out.

Edit: Actually, around 2008-2015 was when this was at its worst. People used to celebrate violations of privacy not as personality flaws but as “due diligence.” Europe has always had a much more sound attitude towards than America. The politicians in both parties are starting to change their attitudes towards big tech. People are just wising up to the fact that you can’t judge “the analog” by the digital. You can’t judge the real world by the internet. Looking at the cover instead of the book isn’t due diligence and doesn’t make you a clever super sleuth, it just makes you shallow, selfish and someone who attempts to get in the way of other people.

The Great Resignation

The Link

What can one manager do about the Great Resignation?

What happened was that the great recession of 2007-2009 gave employers the upper hand right when we were coming out of college.  Boomers put the walls up, kept us out of the good jobs and sent the entry level away to other countries.

Since then it’s been nothing but instability and being blamed over and over for something that isn’t our fault, while HR people monitor our responses to restrict our free speech and our wages are depressed on the route to termination when it’s convenient to the employer.  But the housing prices keep going up.

What’s happening here is that we’re just saying “enough of this bullshit.  Nothing is in it for us.”  We’re tired of spending our lives chasing illusionary careers that just upend our lives and then later disregard them.   We’d rather just live poor and be stable, not having to deal with the bullshit and still having the old generation who screwed this up but kept it good for themselves give the lectures.

That’s why there is a great resignation.  We’ve had it.  No, blaming it on “white privilege” won’t help you rehabilitate the system with a slightly altered racial alignment, and no you won’t in this late era convince us that what is on top eventually trickles down the bottom.  The system is broken and we have known it and will know it and have no incentive to pretend it’s working.  We knew it back then but we had hoped it would be repaired.

The reason we’re having a “great resignation” is that people are figuring out that trickle down economics don’t work. You’re loyal to employers who only want to lower your wages and fire you as soon as it’s convenient. Might as well quit instead of get fired, drive cars that are registered to dead people and not buy houses.

Virtue Hoarders (The Professional Managerial Class)

This book basically backs up what I’m saying. The PMC “hoards virtue” and believes it to be deserving of favored economic status due to merit – but the truth is that under our financially driven capitalism, it isn’t really merit that gets people ahead but connections. It’s actually a factory worker who gets ahead by merit.

They go to the extreme of reverse racism just to prove they aren’t racist. All this talk about white privilege is just the PMC hoarding virtue.

Lancaster Pa Pool Incident

Manheim Township agrees to settle pool discrimination lawsuit for $43K; fired manager's lawsuit continues

Knowing how I see chess pieces move, this is what probably happened.

Manheim Township probably had a policy about what people could wear at the pool.   Narkiewicz followed the policy.  The mother complained that Narkiewicz was being racist, but in actuality, Narkiewicz was consistent with the policy.   Then social media blew up whining about woke this, woke that.   White privilege, systemic racism.  Then Manheim Township fired her to absolve themselves from being labeled racist, to her financial damage both immediate and long term finding the next job.

Of course I could be wrong.   She could have panicked and not handled the situation right.  But I would bet that I’m right.  That’s how employers scapegoat White employees while society keeps hammering on about systemic racism.

They probably had a log of every mistake she had made in the past waiting to use as a coverup should something like this happen.  But the real truth is they threw her under the bus.

That’s why I dislike people who talk systemic racism as if it pervades everywhere, because there’s also systemic reverse racism.  Bottom line here, the same people who support the policy she enforced fired her when the publicity went bad.

Employers have been known to fire employees due to an overestimated impact of social media. They think a social media storm will translate to lost customers, but the thing is it’s a small number of people who are hyper active online. Plus, if they wanted to satisfy the mob, they should have taken responsibility for the policy they created of calling the police. Which no one likes a rat, but the policy is the policy.

The Problem

According to our economic mission statements, a business that profits more still wants to pay less. The goal statement is to maximize profits of shareholders. It’s not to increase profits but maximize profits. Maximize means lowering wages.

The problem is our system failed and our elites are debating the best way to cover it up. Do you blame it on racism or do you suggest eventually everything will trickle down from the top to the bottom?

The reason we’re having a “great resignation” is that people are figuring out that trickle down economics don’t work. You’re loyal to employers who only want to lower your wages and fire you as soon as it’s convenient. Might as well quit instead of get fired, drive cars that are registered to dead people and not buy houses.

The problem is that America has created an economy where there’s nothing in it for anyone except the people who own the businesses. The people who set the economic policies never asked the question “what is in this for the average person? what do they get out of it?”

They’re trying to cover it up like it’s a white supremacist power structure to distract people from the fact that our system doesn’t work and won’t work even if it racially realigns. Democrats basically think they can blackwash the problem away while Republicans openly defend things as they are.

The job market improved in the 1980s only because policy doesn’t have an immediate effect. It takes a while to erode the middle class.

Believing that policy works immediately is what leads some people to wrongly conclude that trickle down economics worked.