Lancaster Pa Pool Incident

Lancaster Pa Pool Incident

Manheim Township agrees to settle pool discrimination lawsuit for $43K; fired manager's lawsuit continues

Knowing how I see chess pieces move, this is what probably happened.

Manheim Township probably had a policy about what people could wear at the pool.   Narkiewicz followed the policy.  The mother complained that Narkiewicz was being racist, but in actuality, Narkiewicz was consistent with the policy.   Then social media blew up whining about woke this, woke that.   White privilege, systemic racism.  Then Manheim Township fired her to absolve themselves from being labeled racist, to her financial damage both immediate and long term finding the next job.

Of course I could be wrong.   She could have panicked and not handled the situation right.  But I would bet that I’m right.  That’s how employers scapegoat White employees while society keeps hammering on about systemic racism.

They probably had a log of every mistake she had made in the past waiting to use as a coverup should something like this happen.  But the real truth is they threw her under the bus.

That’s why I dislike people who talk systemic racism as if it pervades everywhere, because there’s also systemic reverse racism.  Bottom line here, the same people who support the policy she enforced fired her when the publicity went bad.

Employers have been known to fire employees due to an overestimated impact of social media. They think a social media storm will translate to lost customers, but the thing is it’s a small number of people who are hyper active online. Plus, if they wanted to satisfy the mob, they should have taken responsibility for the policy they created of calling the police. Which no one likes a rat, but the policy is the policy.