Post Clean Up

I’m not going full business with this website, it’s still a personal website.   However, I decided that I do not want all my social media accounts advertised on this website, so that I can make them anonymous if I want to.  So I went back and deleted a lot of posts that advertised, elaborated on or linked to my personal accounts.

I don’t want this website to become just a business website.   I have linkedin to discuss business.    I still want it to be a personal and quasi-political website.

Custom Software Development is not in Demand in Small Business

Custom software development is a skill no one wants anymore outside of the very biggest software companies.   What people do these days is take existing software and customize it.   The ability to write code while understanding business processes is less of a coveted skill because you can customize canned software packages without writing code.   This would mean that administration jobs are a more realistic career.

The ability to query databases and write reports is still in demand.