The Con Game

The fact is that in the early 2000s, late 90s, con artist behavior just wasn’t tolerated or even conceived the way it is now in business. An employer who duped you into moving your housing then laid you off would be considered an asshole. Now everyone does it and you “deserve” it.
You deserve it for being White. You’re privileged so bad business ethics become good, because they’re inverting the privilege. Actually liberals on race are just full of shit.

Race Activists and Cancel Culture

“Race activists” who try to get Whites who disagree with them fired are an immediate problem for White Workers. I can understand why many vote Republican, because of cancel culture threatening their jobs. It’s not just in media, it’s even regular people they want to “Tucker Carlson” (they failed).

RoboCop Employers

If there’s one issue that I think needs more attention than it’s getting, it’s robo cop employers who try to mine your background and online presence to police your private life and/or discipline you for your politics. And I do believe it’s mainly Whites who are affected by this, not Black or Browns.

The “Oppressing” Oppressors

People who speak out about the disenfranchisement of white millennials are perversely seen as oppressors by the hardcore “race baiting” left, not to be confused with the class based “rich vs poor” left.

The truth is that they’re acting in self-defense to a narrative that is being used to justify their declining ability to make ends meet. You deserve it because you are privileged anyways, so you deserve to lose what you’ve earned as a working class person going against the current that is working against you.

“Woke Corporatism”

Woke corporatism is a problem and it’s something I’ve sort of hinted at but haven’t really named. I’m tired of whiny liberals getting more qualified white males fired from their jobs over politics. That’s not going to be tolerated, it will get ugly.

One thing that is good about the republican party, is that it’s becoming pretty openly intolerant of all this racial crusading against Whites. I complement them on that, but they’re still a bunch of libertarian leaning war mongers who are less racist but are more economically regressive.

We’re nearing the day where white people don’t have to write an apology online and then frantically kiss corporate ass not to get fired from their day job. people have had it.

The Real Privilege

I’m tired of the super success of a small number of white people, some of which aren’t even Gentiles, being used to justify the ruined careers of working class whites. You’re so privileged that you deserved to be laid off repeatedly, even though you’re objectively above average at your job. It’s women and people of color who have the privilege of claiming discrimination every time they don’t perform well while White males get laid off instead.

Truth to Power

One layoff in our economy means twelve lay offs. Once one employer disrespects you, every other employer thinks they’re entitled to do the same thing.

It’s time for some serious truth to power against abusive employers. I’m ready to take the gloves off and go for a knock out, not a point win against these corporate punk dictators.

The Real Discrimination

A black or brown person gets laid off, it’s racial discrimination. A white millennial gets laid off, it’s at will employment. No liberal Democrat will tell the truth, that’s the damn truth. Whites need protections too, not outsourced jobs.

It’s a tragedy when a black or brown person loses a job, but it’s the great wonders of free market capitalism when a superbly effective white person loses his job. Democrats do not and never will get it. Neither do republicans, because they’re the ones firing you.

White millennials, not blacks or browns, are the group that has been cheated economically more than any other group.

If I was black or brown, and equally skilled (which means technical programming skills FAR above average), I could have successfully sued for discrimination because it was obvious that less qualified people were taking my positions for political reasons.