Stand Out Last Names

When you have a last name that stands out, people dig in and dive deeper on you. They believe themselves not to be motivated by any discrimination. They don’t discriminate as much as it is the information available that discriminates. Analgously, if you were an employer and you witnessed two employees in a sexual act, you wouldn’t be able to unlearn that even though you weren’t trying to be biased.

By digging in and getting curious, they’ve already created a double standard even though they are telling themselves that they don’t intend to discriminate. Curiosity kills the cat. In the information age this is getting worse, just like Ted Kaczynski (unique last name) warned. This digging on people – but it goes deeper when your name stands out.

Edit: Actually, around 2008-2015 was when this was at its worst. People used to celebrate violations of privacy not as personality flaws but as “due diligence.” Europe has always had a much more sound attitude towards than America. The politicians in both parties are starting to change their attitudes towards big tech. People are just wising up to the fact that you can’t judge “the analog” by the digital. You can’t judge the real world by the internet. Looking at the cover instead of the book isn’t due diligence and doesn’t make you a clever super sleuth, it just makes you shallow, selfish and someone who attempts to get in the way of other people.