Big Assets and Skepticism

The best decision I ever made was to not invest in housing. I decided that employers can’t be trusted and multiple times I’ve been proven right. There was a point in time where I could have bought an affordable house, but I didn’t, because I could get a feel that the economic forces weren’t based on merit. That essentially I was on a wave and that the wave could turn in the other direction. And i’ve been right every time.The problem is that you have dumbasses as corporate higher ups and I know that and I distrust buying a house when things are going well because of that.

Millennials aren’t making big investments because there are dumb asses higher up in corporate management. It’s a result of cynicism and of having lived a harder life than baby boomers, who were given everything and then bankrupted it. Technology might be improved, but idiots are still idiots. Even in upper management you have idiots.

If our generation had its act together, it would be so easy to just blame the previous one (skipping over gen x). They really set the course for destroying the ability for someone to work their way into the middle class by completely and totally allowing corporations to restructure globally and not be regulated. In such a way that drives down our wages but still sticks us with expensive housing and education.