What Irritates Me

Nothing irritates me or annoys me more than someone who has had too much luck or brown nosed a little too much, and they believe life is fair. And they hold it against you because you have had some bad luck, and shut you out of opportunities and trap you in a cycle of being excluded from the income and opportunity you should be getting based on merit. Then justify it by the fact that you’re complaining, as if you should just take it lying down.

On Background Issues

Corporate tyrants use background issues as an excuse to push around employees who are otherwise good employees. Competing workers use background issues to get jobs when they’re less skilled and capable than the person they’re going up against.

It’s interesting, you really don’t have to even interview me, because I’m not a two faced brown nosing shape shifter. After reading this site, when I’m sure you googled my name to find it, you should have a view of what I am. Very technically skilled, an earth based problem solver who is ultra-pragmatic as opposed to a theoretical “computer science” type and extremely productive and reliable. Honest to the point of brutally honest off the job, but may hold my tongue if I feel the boss involved will fire me for using it. Anything else you hear is a lie.

Corona Update

It’s clear that Republicans, at first, saw the response to the virus as a conspiracy to destroy the economy and it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the response was based on the threat assessed from it.

Having said that, I don’t speak for Democrats when I say that people who have had it too good, for too long, because they’re too lucky (they’re nowhere near me in technical talent, just lucky corporate brown nosers) deserve to get a lay off and know how it feels to have bad luck. Maybe they won’t arrogantly question why they’re gaps in peoples’ resumes when they interview in the future.