What I’ve Done with Minimalism

What I’ve done is designed a way to live where a job loss becomes a speed bump instead of a life changing event that causes a domino that destroys your life for decades. I lose my job. I take a hit but not that big of a hit. Not that I want to lose my job. And now I’m excluding public corporations. Only working for small businesses and private companies. And focusing on the northeast, which the debate was whether I should focus on the northeast or consider two areas but the problem is I Idled too long so I had to focus on the northeast. And NYC of course is excluded for being right in the power control center.

The bikes, the ebikes, the dense cities, the low cost rooms (no assets to collect on).

I’ve gated out the public corporations so they’ll never be used as a tool to hire me and then fire me, putting me on a futile loop where I make investments and then lose them, then have difficulty finding another job.