New Youtube Channel

These videos are basically about personal life, your close friends, your acquaintances and the history and future of social media.

These videos are getting it done for me. By talking it out, I’m realizing that I don’t need to burn bridges with people and that was over the top and hysterical. On the other hand, how close could we have really been as friends to begin with? To become close friends, we have a long way to go. I thought some friends were pretty close as friends, but the truth is they too were probably just hanging out in the group. This would mean I’m morally justified in starting over, but that I shouldn’t unnecessarily burn bridges.

All of us who used social media share a common experience, but we used it for different motivations. Some were more blogging, while others were sharing their social life. All of us learned about the social media while using it.

I wasn’t that party popular and even I’m realizing the ratio of party friends to close friends is much more skewed in favor of party friends than I thought. Even I’m having the crisis. People who partied a lot more than I did are probably having an even bigger crisis.