There is a Path Forward

I have had a difficult era that I am stuck in with the problem of back pain and related DUIs which took out my ability to drive, along with probation sticking me inconveniently in Lancaster. It’s been difficult also to see the collapse of social networking (which is not the same as social media) and lose that sense of togetherness online.

But the way forward is to find a job in a major northeastern city or a remote job, with my good computer skills. The way forward is for true friends to really support me. This is a difficult, painful era in my life, but rebuilding is possible.

It’s difficult also to have bulked up to the point where running is no longer feasible. My close comrade committed suicide and his close friend followed.

SB 913 (Pennsylvania Probation Reform)

Probation reform has passed the Pennsylvania Senate, but is taking its time in the House. The previous bill, SB 14, stalled and never got passed. The current bill is SB 913.

What needs reform most in the Pennsylvania probation system (and maybe other states too) is the idea that you have to get it approved before you move, having both a job and house lined up. Also, the idea that they can deny the move, for speculative reasons, as a lot of these small towns think they are the center of the universe and don’t understand that they aren’t.

That’s not how it works in the real world. In the real world someone may move and then get a job later or they may get a job and just find places to sleep until they get a house. If a person is in line with their requirements they should be able to move if they violate you can deal with that situation when it happens.