Populism and the Masses

This is the reddit post. If it is modded it will be relocated to termiteunderground and then the link will be fixed. This is an ideological post of significant importance.  It was updated in response to suggestions in the comments.

A person deciphering political ideology through philosophy may start as a populist seeing society’s problems as a conflict between the masses and the politicians. Over time though trust starts to deteriorate in the opposition populist politicians who portray themselves as the solution to other politicians (trust deteriorates from the same individual who has been watching the process from the beginning).

Politicians continue to disappoint whether they are left wing, right wing or no wing. However, conversations with average people show them to be just as deceived as the politicians are. The cynicism turns two sided instead of one sided. It is then concluded that politicians at the top expose problems at the bottom of society thus repositioning the analysis of where the problem starts. Thus invalidating this individual’s populism and making the person distrustful of the masses.

This describes my basic path and can apply to others. The result of this is to reposition philosophically while viewing politics in a much more Machiavellian way – even distrusting those politicians who portray themselves as opposition. Distrust does not mean exclusion. It means you look beneath the slogans and rhetoric and start with this two sided cynicism that hits even laypeople and so called opposition politicians (you’ve long been distrustful of mainstream politicians).

Populism and the Masses from PoliticalPhilosophy