Career Goals/Objectives

My major in College was “Information Systems: Development” which deals with business and computers. Currently, I am dealing with a little bit of marketing, to market myself. To introduce, I started out finding strictly technical jobs and while I had streaky success, it was difficult to get the reputation as a person who puts the time in and gets the work done. After my life changed, I switched to menial jobs so I could accrue that reputation in blue collar labor. The time periods of success in IT were there, but it was difficult to prove consistency and steadiness because of all the politics involved in white collar jobs.

I am looking for someone who is willing to hire an IT burnout who is a proven day to day worker, with successes but also setbacks. I plan to target the Philadelphia Area, but first start with jobs that are largely remote using the A to Z database to connect with leads. I have the technical skills to be a remote worker and the blue collar labor shows that I am a self-starter – thus the two skill sets can combine into a remote worker. Everyone has luck – good luck and bad luck. I have had a lot of bad career luck and the interest compounds. I am looking for an employer who understands that this makes me stronger and that hiring me as an IT burnout with a total business background is the smart move.

Hire an IT burnout with a business background who has proven himself capable of doing hard physical labor.

(I am not completely ruling out Information Technology, but I am broadening beyond it. I think computer programming gets too bureaucratic in large companies and that it is not the kind of brainstorming I like where people come up with innovative, out-of-the-box solutions. However, there is the small business sector and there is being an administrator instead of a programmer.)