On Probation, Facebook/Phone Friends and Philly

I’ve been debating putting my foot down and telling lancaster county probation that living in lancaster just doesn’t work and it’s the cause of the mental health problems. I don’t want to be here and I’m stuck here.
One of the things that has held me back is the potential that some people I know online could become closer to me – at least as friends – if I don’t move to Philly since we’re originally from Lancaster.
But at this length of time I’m starting to conclude that it’s all an illusion, there’s no desire to break through the internet profiles, so I should just do what I’m doing because our relationship is internet based only. Internet only relationships can be maintained anywhere. And the problem is if facebook declines we’ll lose that part of connection as well.
This is the truth. If I’m forced to make a quick decision about geographical relocation, nobody who hasn’t met me in person and only traded profiles with me over the internet would stop me. If you wanted to hold me back from moving to a certain place you’d be reaching out to me and telling me not to in person.
What my “friends” have to decide is this. If our relationship is going to be mainly telephone and internet, it doesn’t really matter if I leave Lancaster and Philly is still pretty close. If we’re actually going to hang out in person, then where I move would matter.
I have no person, male or female, who hangs around me enough in person, that if there was an impending move to philly I would break it off for them.
Basically, by not hanging out with me in person, you’re telling me “it doesn’t matter where you go we’ll still have the internet and/or or phones.”
I’ve already gotten over the group thing where people hang out with popular class mates and it annoys me. I’m looking at people as individuals.
I’m good with having remote located friends but understand that if my friends don’t do anything they’ll stay that way.