Be Careful of Reverse Lookups

The only reason I called out certain geographical areas was for shock value to people who have never seen bad neighborhoods. They don’t know what a bad neighborhood is like. I was living in LItitz Pa at the time. Former class mates just haven’t seen broad enough horizons. That was all it was about.
With a new phone, I’m just never calling out neighborhoods again. There is a chance people can reverse lookup your name from your phone over time and misunderstandings can happen. People who accessed my facebook from the old phone, reverse looking it up, should now get what happened.
Never think that because you don’t give people your name, that they won’t use your phone to find your facebook. That’s what I’m learning. And even if you shut off phone verification on facebook, it could show up on google in a few years.
I also believed the phone got tapped. It was an old model, which could be tapped. Weird people showed up getting hints on my behaviors. The phone shut itself off in response to a post.

Note: I did not upload any original photos of any neighborhoods, I merely posted links.