Instagram? Revisited

The main reason I don’t add people on instagram is I don’t want to make the same mistake I made on facebook, where I added and accepted a bunch of people, but later on those people complained too much so I lost access to the central feed.
The other reason is that photos to me are mainly humor. They’re not really modeling. They’re humor.
But I’m open to slowly and carefully adding people but I don’t want building my instagram list to become an obsession.
I have this habit of mining through the lists of other people to see who is following them, but that’s just for fun. Kind of like “look who follows who.” But I don’t indulge the habit frequently or spend much time doing it.

edit: At first instagram made no sense to me, but it’s making more sense to me. People don’t want a virtual reality tour with a metaverse they just want a place to host their photos.
But what doesn’t make sense to me is people who are real serious about who is on their list and who isn’t. It says nothing about being a friend.
I also needed to solve the text post issue before I solved the photo issue. Because photos aren’t my main thing.