My Social Media Strategy (sticky)

Telegram is my messenger for big groups.

Reddit is my post feed and comments. TermiteUnderground is the sub I run.

Instagram is for goofing off strictly. Facebook is for contact managing friends and making public posts – traffic is becoming increasingly sparse.

TikTok is a place where I can do satire and actually get views. is for important updates and centralization.

On Twitter I have a list I follow about politics and can rapid fire, but it’s not a traffic puller. is where I compose self-destructing messages.

Youtube for face videos, Youtube for music creation.

If you want to define me by an internet profile, I prefer you not use my facebook.   Facebook is a place where there was an era where I used attention seeking tactics, but those tactics no longer work because “friends” people rarely log in and I’m just trying to be a good friend to people now. I do not want facebook as my overarching and defining internet ID. Twitter is straight politics. I prefer you use this website and my reddit to define me. Instagram and tiktok are good humor, but they are not good websites for getting to know what I am actually like.