What I Exposed on Facebook

I did post some trollish things.  But the key is that the problem I exposed is a really big problem.

I exposed Mark Zuckerberg as a like/engagement/analytic totalitarian who is obsessed with designing everything around his central feed and the behaviors of class mates.

Because what should have happened is I should have lost some people.  I should have absorbed.  But then I should have gained other people.  Getting similar traffic, but not from the same people.

But I exposed Zuckerberg’s artificial ways of giving popular class mates traffic.  The posts about school shooters, serial killers and communism exposed how your facebook profile really isn’t your profile he’s all about the feed and the class mates.  It’s my knowledge of web design and ability to write well, cross post and screen shot that also contributed to my ability to expose this.

Seeing the mobile app, Instagram (his other platform), hearing his sister talk in person.   Seeing how traffic went down during covid when it should have gone up.   Making points about the actual web design.  I really put the case together strongly.