Social Hierarchies

At first that the substance of various extreme ideologies is the cause for the backlash against them, but in actuality, the real cause is the low social status of the people who push the ideologies. It takes a lot of thought to realize that such hierarchies actually exist but when you realize the people on the top don’t want people on the bottom organizing in ways that actually could change things (black lives matter won’t actually change anything black lives already legally matter since 1965).

This is why Trump can say “Grab them by the pussy” but in an office job you’d get fired. it’s why rich rappers can rap about things similar to how trump talks, but then the same people who support anti-fascist activism also support the rappers.

Groups like the adl and splc have an intermediate social position where they are able to cause trouble for someone like Alex Jones but not someone like Donald Trump who has a higher social position than them. But most billionares fall right in line in agreement.


The first A I ever got in college, when I struggled at first, was in Philosophy. I was told my arguments were philosophically coherent and that I had the ability for it. I then made the deans list the next semester. After achieving that pinnacle, I became interested in internet forums. The rest of the college I was somewhere imbetween, basically finishing with a b average because at york college 82 is a b and 94 is an a so a 2.95 is probably over 80%. The two lab science classes dragged me down.
Naturally I was strong in the computer programming classes as an IFS major. I wasn’t as strong in networking, but improved over time. I was basically a B student in all the business classes except for accounting – where I just slid by. IFS is basically a business major with computer classes in programming, networking and database taught from a business perspective when compared to computer science.

Pictured: Hitler playing chess with Lenin

Socially I kind of view college like this picture. Everyone kind of came from everywhere in college. The thing is that they then splintered after that.
An interesting little known fact is that a picture was drawn showing Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin playing chess with signatures on it before Hitler was in power.
I’m not surprised that on paper that some of the people who hung with me in college don’t hang with me now when I realize how different our belief systems actually are.
I’m a little death metal and they’re a little country.

Businesses Compete on Price

Businesses compete on price. this is basic stuff. Idiotic to think that if you make the rich richer they’ll pay higher wages. Businesses still compete on price. The more you pay workers the less you profit. That doesn’t change when you have more savings. It’s the same principle.

Corporations want to compete with each other.   Once you lower certain standards on labor laws, on trade barriers, on wages, they all will race to the bottom.

People who rent out rooms, apartments and houses want to make as much money as they can.   They’ll continue to work towards that goal.

This is basic stuff that the boomers messed up, trashing labor laws, trade barriers, “big government” etc.

You need laws that allow employees to defend themselves too.

Trump and Cancel Culture

One of the most useful things Trump did was that he said things like “grab them by the pussy” and other clear violations of political correctness and still got elected.

This is useful because it showed that the whole so called cancel culture is just a scam.  The motive is to get white workers fired from their jobs and replace them with lower cost labor.

A rich person can say things that would upset the HR department in most office jobs.   They’re looking to falsify things like this just so they can move to their cheaper labor.

An Inside View of Tech

I went into tech because I like to automate logic and create formulas to solve problems, but I got an inside view that the level of corporate red tape in these jobs is atrocious. Too many people who don’t have the ability to tune into the radio station intellectually try to deal with issues that they don’t understand because of their corporate rank.

Rome Wasn’t Burnt in a Day

In the era before Boomers remade our economy, performance basically determined position. The guy who packed more mouse traps at the factory got a promotion over the guy who didn’t.

Boomers switched the economy from a more industrial capitalism to a financial form of capitalism where everything is based on favoritism. They slowly did away with the ladder where people could work their way up. They replaced that with third world labor, while making the office more openly favoritist.

As I stress though, third world labor is used only for the more entry level positions, not for the “experienced” (boomer dominated) positions.

Two Types of Millennials

There are two types of millennials. There is one type which doesn’t trust anything and the other which trusts everything.

The first type went into the business world and saw people getting burned, the second can’t take reality given to it from the first at its full harshness. They can’t accept that the darker view of the world is actually right because it doesn’t feel good.

As I wrote earlier, the older you get, the more you (should) realize that often the more distressing view is the correct one. It’s back to the two pills again. You lose faith in “the average” when you see repeated instances of events that run counter to meritocracy.

What Shareholders Want

Shareholders want the lowest possible wages paid, the ability to hire and fire and hire and fire and hire and fire and no national borders so they can make the labor as cheap as possible in the third world.  That’s the interests of shareholders.

It’s only government that creates the middle class with things like minimum wages, trade barriers, discrimination and labor laws etc.  The problem is that the middle class instead develops loyalty to the exact shareholders that want to axe them, but it might not quite be the opportune time to axe them realistically.   The plot to axe you is already in place.

To describe this as “white privilege” is ludicrous and automatically takes you out of respectable opinion.

The Big Trials

My position on the McMichael incident is that they really didn’t intend to kill Arberry but the law is very strict that it’s a felony to corner someone and “false imprison” them and that if you kill in self defense while committing a felony it’s still murder. I don’t think it’s a “hate crime” but I do think felony murder unfortunately applies – it’s unfortunate because I do believe they just wanted to enforce the law but they’re not cops.

On Zimmerman and Rittenhouse my position is that what they did was absolutely idiotic and they should be judged on it. However, they shouldn’t be legally convicted on it. They didn’t corner the people, they annoyed the people and then got attacked. Idiotic, but not material to any legal question.

My position on Floyd was that I can’t determine if the drugs actually killed him from video but I believe the trial looked into that and determined that it wasn’t the drugs based on the autopsy.

If the McMichaels had stayed further away and Arberry ran at them it would be a whole different story.