The Boomer Corporate Pipeline

My ultimate position is that nothing will improve in America until boomers are totally removed from policy making decisions. They committed the poor policy decisions and now they’re committing the cover up. America keeps going back between Democrats and Republicans, but keeps leaving Boomers in power with the notable exception of Biden who is too old to be a boomer. I’m sick of reaching middle age and still having to deal with their policies.

There wasn’t such a direct pipeline from corporate power to political power before the Boomers. Jimmy Carter for example got elected with little corporate support. Companies will continue to discard and abuse their employees and the GDP and Nasdaq will be used to tell us the economy is good. We’ll still intervene unnecessarily overseas. We’ll continue to support “free trade” instead of adjusting taxation to the cost of living which is low in third world countries. We’ll continue to have Democrats try to play racial identity politics while leaving the system in place and Republicans play anti identity politics while leaving the system in place.