Nobody Cares about Merit Anymore

Nobody Cares about merit anymore, everyone just cares about “culture fit.”

I am a believer that low performing employees should get out of the job.

The problem I have is high performing people are getting opportunities denied to them for political reasons.

When you’re a good worker, you should have the chance to work without a political issue every 3 months.

edit: The last 20 years or so we’ve tried this “cultural fit” thing where people are hired and paid based on how they make you “feel” instead of how well they actually perform.

That’s why we declined in manufacturing, because there you can see who is performing and who isn’t.

We need to immediately end this and go back to the era where the most productive and skilled people get the most rewards.

Statement on Cancelling Historical Figures

The bottom line, is that important historical figures often have attributes about them that by today’s standards would be outside of our moral code.

I think you need to judge them by the world they lived in at the time. Think trying to “erase” stuff is infantile.

edit: This is what is wrong with millennials. I attack boomers a lot, for discriminating against us, but this is what is wrong with our generation. It’s this 80th place gets a medal if the truth isn’t what I like then I’ll change the truth coddled mentality.

Throwing Under the Bus

Throwing other people under the bus is one consistent thing I’ve noticed in business with the older generation. And now they’re trying to throw the entire younger generation of whites under the bus for what they did.
But it’s true. when someone in power screws up, usually people at the bottom get axed for a quite a while until the scapegoating just can’t go on any longer. And careers are ruined over this.
This, combined with cancel culture, is a toxic alliance aimed against millennial and younger white workers.

Another Cancel Culture Post

With Michael jackson being proven innocent, Joe Biden’s sexual allegation (now it’s bipartisan), and the wave of black lives matter protests sort of vindicating kaepernick, I would say for the first time ever, we have a real chance to end employer based ideological intimidation. “Don’t have a political view or I’ll fire you and ruin your career.”

And guess what, I oppose conservatives being cancelled too, provided that they didn’t use low brow gutter language in their views.

edit: We need legislation that requires employers to list the cause for the termination, prove that they treated you equally to your peers and measured your performance, and allows you to challenge the termination if it’s over your political opinion or over a false allegation.

Starbucks, Employers and Political Ideologies

Starbucks reverses its stance and will now let baristas wear ‘Black Lives Matter’ apparel

My stance on this. Starbucks did have the right to disallow it on their premises during work hours. If however, they had disallowed attending protests off hours off premises, I would have a problem like that. Employers shouldn’t police political ideologies. Which is far different than say policing someone who posts low brow gutter jokes online about say a racial group, but that’s not a political ideology, that’s a poor communication style.

Racial slurs and low brow comments are not political ideologies, they’re poor communication styles. But I do believe termination over ideological leanings should be illegal and should be condemned harshly – whether liberal or conservative or something else. Zero tolerance.

Response to Cancel Culture

One of my main goals is to do something about the cancel culture. I have set my mind that if someone tries to locate an employer I have and cause my termination, I am going to retaliate both against that person and anyone who caves into that person. My gun is metaphorically loaded and I’m ready to shoot.